things I loved in March

by Kaylah Stroup

Jade facial roller. I’m a little late to this party. These jade rollers were all the rage a year ago but excuuuuse me, I am here now. I don’t necessarily like that they advertise it as “anti-aging” and that you’ll be saying “goodbye to lines and wrinkles” because that very much feels like a stretch. That being said, holy smokes, it’s relaxing!

I have mine sitting on my bedside table so each night, after washing my face, I lay in bed and use the jade roller. Some nights I don’t use it with any product, other times I use it to roll in Herbivore Botanical’s orchid facial oil (which feels ultra luxurious!) It makes my skin feel plump and smooth. It’s not an effect that lasts forever obviously but it does truly relax me which definitely counts for something!

If you’re someone who likes to rub your face when you’re sleepy, I think you’d love a jade roller!

Jade face roller + Herbivore Botanicals Orchid

Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint in Naughty Mauve. Ugh. Naughty mauve? Why?! Worst name ever aside, I LOVE this stuff. Love it so much I bought it twice, actually. The first time I bought it on a whim, got it home, tried it on and instantly loved it. I went to find it the next day and it was missing. I searched high and low. I looked every single place possible and eventually came to the conclusion I must have accidentally thrown it away. I sucked it up and bought a second because I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I liked the color and consistency.

I love lipstick. I want to wear it more often but I stress whether or not its worn off in a funny way. Obviously, the solution for most people is just to, uh…ya know, check but I really do hate having to touch up anything throughout the day. I just want to put something on in the morning and not worry about it again. That’s my make up style – one and done! This lip tint works for me because it wears off nicely. It looks excellent when you first apply it and as the day goes on, you eat, drink, etc, it wears off evenly. At the end of the day I have lightly stained lips which is ideal!

Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint - Naught Mauve
It also fits perfectly in my standard sized pouches. I love this jackalope print so much I had to steal one for myself.

Joules ankle rain boots. I have been a big fan of Joules rainboots for quite a few years now. I have a pair of their taller rainboots that I get a ton of use out of but I wanted a more casual pair. Honestly, something I could wear to the beach and then go grocery shopping in on a sunny day without feeling like a goofball in. These fit the bill perfectly. They’re comfortable and they keep my feet dry so I can search for treasures along the shoreline. Plus they are covered in a cute raindrop pattern! What more could you want?

I will say that I think they run a bit large. I’ve noticed in reviews of Joules products people always mention not buying their regular size. For my mid-calf height pair, I bought my normal size. Never once have I felt like they were anything other than perfect. Despite the reviews warning otherwise, I went ahead and bought this shorter style in my normal size as well. They definitely feel a bit big. If I were to purchase another short pair in the future I’d probably size down.

Still, a great purchase! I love Joules boots!

Joules Wellibob

Speedball Rubber Stamp Making Kit. I already wrote a whole post about how much I loved this kit! (Read that here!) It’s perfect for anyone looking to carve their own stamp or give lino cutting a try. No complaints here! I’m just stoked to have a new hobby to play with.

Speedball Rubber Stamp Making Kit

Thigh high socks. I own many thigh high socks alas I am always on the hunt for the next best pair. I think I may have finally found them. These bad boys stay in place all day long, don’t get baggy after hours of wear and perhaps most importantly, aren’t snagged easily. They’ve certainly gotten their fair share of use this last month and aren’t showing any signs of wear yet.

I bought the set with one gray pair and one black pair. I’m already considering buying a second set because I wear them so often.

One last thing…

Tubi. Have y’all heard of Tubi yet? It is a 100% free streaming service. I’ve only been using for a few days now but I AM STOKED to have discovered it. We have both Hulu and Netflix but sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing left to watch. (I marathon movies while I sew!) Tubi has lots of big names movies that I recognize and tons of other stuff that is 100% new to me. So many documentaries! YES!

Obviously, it is supported by commercials but they’re no worse than if you were watching cable. I take that back, sometimes they’re very randomly placed. For a legal free way to watch tons of movies and TV shows that I don’t have access to anywhere else though, it rocks!

Did you try anything new & awesome in March? Tell me all about it! xoxo

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kristen April 2, 2019 - 6:48 pm

For me,March was all about the books! I read 12 books last month and shocked even myself.

Kaylah April 3, 2019 - 8:49 am

NICE! That’s an awesome accomplishment!

ChaYa April 3, 2019 - 3:26 pm

Yes! Tubi and check out Pluto too! I have the Amazon Firestick and Netflix, but there is some great free streaming on Pluto! I just started following you, found you on YouTube because of hair color…and now I want to try that lipstick in this article, even fading-yes please. Thanks for sharing

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[…] already mentioned Tubi in my things I loved in March post but in case you missed that, I’m bringing it up again. 100% free and legal streaming! […]