doolan family bus – part 3

I’m back again with another bus update! Check out part 1 & part 2.

With the brand new floor completely down, last week was for working on building benches! We got a pretty good start on the ones that will be on the left side of the bus. (I say “we” but A LOT of credit goes to my brother who is really taking the lead on building!) There are two of them that face each other with a table that goes in the middle. The table top will be on a bar that allows it to drop down to the same level as the benches so it can be converted into a sleeping area.

The bus will have seating for approximately 10 plus with slightly less sleeping area since a good portion of us are hammock lovers!

Ellie Mae is such a good helper.
school bus renovation
schoolie renovation
school bus renovation

It’s really starting to take shape. I was having such a hard time picturing what it might look like when it was just an empty bus. Each week that we work on it I become more and more excited!

I can’t wait to get this bad boy on the road. xoxo

PS. Pop over to Youtube view the video! …or just view it here tiny sized.

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