hair dye vs saltwater pool!

faded orange Arctic Fox, does saltwater fade hair dye

Guess who just got back from a road trip! ME! My very first cross county road trip. Instead of flying out west and then renting a car, we drove the whole way. It was rad. I have approximately one million photos to share and stories to tell but that’s for another day.

Today, I want to talk hair! I’ve been dyeing my hair unnatural colors for over ten years now. In that time period, I’ve obviously been swimming a ton. I thought it’d make a fun video to show what hair looks like before and after swimming. My whole point was to show how over time if you continually went swimming it’d ruin your hair color. What I didn’t expect was for the salt water pool to strip my hair color… in under two hours!

I don’t feel like the thumbnail or the photos in this post illustrate the difference as well as the video itself does. It’s wild how red my hair looked in the first half and just how faded it is after I swam. In the video I also share some photos from the last time I went swimming in the same pool but with green hair dyed with Punky Colours.

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I think that each brand of hair dye has its good colors and bad colors. Maybe orange just isn’t Arctic Fox’s best dye but I definitely wouldn’t repurchase. (If you’re looking for a great orange – Special Effect’s Napalm is where it’s at!)

At this point, even though I have a favorite brand of hair dye (Punky Colours) I do want to experiment since so many others have hit the market the last couple years. In the future, I might buy a different color of Arctic Fox if it really stuck out to me but I’m in no rush. It definitely faded a little too quickly for me, even before the whole pool ordeal.

Arctic Fox Sunset Orange
Before swimming –
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange (Amazon / Sally Beauty)
Arctic Fox Cosmic Sunshine (Amazon / Sally Beauty)
splash of Special Effects Hi-Octane Orange (Amazon)
swimming at The Wigwam!
Arctic Fox Sunset Orange fading fast after swimming
After swimming! Oooof!

You can find tips & guides in my hair master post – including Bleaching your hair 101, 7 tips for maintaining bright hair color, Two tips for switching hair colors easily. & so much more!

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  • ooooo GIRL when I saw your hair I went “oh NOOOOOO” out loud in my store. That is BAD! I can’t believe how much it faded!!! The AF Virgin Pink really stuck. I shampooed it and some of the purpley tones came out which is good but it’s in there pretty good.

  • Ok first, I’m really enjoying your vids. Second, I love the underwater shots.. what did you use for that? Last, I tried to dye my hair pink (on very pale, bleached AF ends) and it just washed out. I tried a pastel link from Punky, and a medium hot pink from Ion. (Teal and purple Manic worked great, and even older blue ion worked ok.) Have you had that happen? What pinks do you like? Thx!

    • Thanks! I shot the underwater stuff with my GoPro! Super cool having a waterproof camera.

      If you’re describing your ends has “bleached AF” it might just be that they’re too damaged to hold color. If they’re in super bad shape, it might be time to just chop them off. If not, maybe a few conditioning treatment would help. I personally can’t stand ION colors. I feel like they just wash out immediately. I’d retry with a darker pink from Punky or something from Special Effects! Good luck! 🙂

      • Ah, the GoPro! I like it.

        Yeah, I had read some things that said the hair might be too fried, but wasn’t sure because it holds the other colors. I didn’t know that it was possible for hair not to dye. I always just blast the ends with bleach in one go when summer starts (too impatient/don’t care enough to do it slowly), dye/re-dye all summer, then chop it all off in September. My hair grows pretty fast so I don’t worry too much about doing that.. haha. I’ll look at the darker pinks in those brands, and if that doesn’t work I’ll stick with the blues. Thanks so much for the tips! 😁