Friday Favorites #529

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I know I’ve shared this mug before but its seriously too pretty!

How cute is this spider cardigan?!

I love a good catch-all dish!

Spooky all year! (Also, by the same company, boooobs. I LOL-ed.)

This side table! YES!

Holy cow, this sweater is fabulous!

This kidney model! YES!

These shoes? They’re made partially from plastics from the ocean! How awesome is that!?

This moon phase garland! Cute + super affordable.

I already shared this on my instagram last week but I’m head over heels for this sweatshirt. It’s super cozy. (Also comes in a tank top!)

skull sweatshirt

Okay, how rad is this shelf with hand shaped brackets!? That is 100% my style!

Link love…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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  • Can I hire you to decorate my new house? Seriously…you find the best stuff! If you ever want to branch out I would totally hire you!

    • You know for a brief moment a couple years back, I highly considered doing something like that. I really really do love decorating and finding fun new things but I feel like it’d be so hard to pick out things for other people.