Friday Favorites #530

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This sweater is…THE best!

OMG! This chair is incredible.

Oh! Hello!

This table lamp!

How cute are these air plant necklaces?

I found this ring display box last night and just about squealed. I’ve been trying to think of some nice way to display my parent’s wedding rings but couldn’t come up with anything. This is perfect! It totally fits in with my decor.

I’m just over here crushing on corduroy jackets. Also, this one thats a bit more orange and this one without the wool trim!

I have a big time crush on this polka dot apple watch band! I found this one too – white with black polka dots + much cheaper.

In case you missed the big news yesterday, wristlets are back in the shop! (ALSO! Labor day weekend – almost everything else in the shop is marked down 20%!)

I definitely link to this at least once per year and as the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to link it again! This future ghost sweatshirt is just too good.

This candle sounds perfect for fall!

Link love…

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