The Dainty Squid shop update

Since re-opening The Dainty Squid shop back in January, I have not been blogging about it like I had planned. I really hoped to document what I was making better, and share more about each big shop update I did. As you can see, that never happened.

BUT! I’m here today to talk shop because it’s launch day for a new product that I am very excited about. Cork wristlets!!

Back in… 2010? 2011? I made wristlets. Basically just a larger than normal pouch with a strap on the side. They’re perfect for just tossing your essentials in and running out the door. The ones I made all those years ago were super popular but I never really kept up with demand. Honestly, I hated making the straps.

Last month I had a bit of an epiphany and figured out exactly how I could eliminate the steps I didn’t like and do things a bit differently. I am over the moon with how they turned out!

One of a kind wristlets!
One of my absolute favorites from today’s update.

Today 31 wristlets hit the shop! I’ve been working my butt off on these so to finally get them photographed and listed is very exciting. Right now there is only one of each in stock and with some of those fabrics it’s the last bits of them. Definitely do not hesitate if you see something you like.

On top of that, five of them are absolutely one of a kind. Those ones are bit larger too. They were all created using bits from my scrap basket – which was overflowing because I save everything. Making stuff like this is so time-consuming but honestly, so much fun. My process is to dump out the whole basket on the floor and start digging for pieces I like. Then I try to match them with others. If you buy one of these from me, its basically a guarantee no one else will have anything like it!

That’s all! Just wanted to come tell y’all about my latest little sewing project. I really need to try harder to document this stuff. I love being able to look back at the things I’ve made. xoxo

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