Friday Favorites #534

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I love Sophia Rapata’s work so so so much! How terrifying is this spider!? Love it!

Creepy Candles makes some wonderfully… wait for it… creepy candles. Seriously, how rad it this coffin shaped one that burns to reveal a human skeleton!?

Stay Creepy!

I bought these pants earlier in the week. (They’re out for delivery today!) I’m super excited because they’re a little bit out of my comfort zone but I just thought they’d be so cute for fall. I’m planning on pairing them with a striped top, of course!

This pennant! Love Halloween decor that could totally be left up all year long (which is like most of it to me!)

Precious little ghost kitty!

Loving this spiderweb sweatshirt.

This mug with a hidden skull in the bottom!

The color of this scarf is perfect.

This is the most out of place thing in this list, it isn’t spooky or fall-themed at all but Forrest Gump is my all-time favorite movie and I just about screamed when I saw this pin!

I don’t know anything about Fantastic Beasts but Pottery Barn’s Fantastic Beasts line has some incredible stuff. These jewelry holders are right up my alley! Also, if you like those I’d jump on them fast. I spotted a rad snake mirror from the same collection earlier in the week and when I went to put this post together it was gone. Booo!

Link love…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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