10 things making me smile

by Kaylah Stroup

Finding little creatures around my neighborhood. For a while it’s just been dinosaurs and other animals but recently there was an alien invasion!

Bending down to pick up a kind of boring piece of clear beach glass only to spot what is easily the nicest red piece I’ve ever seen.

Family time. Working on the bus, dump digging, and metal detecting at abandoned houses. I feel so close to my people right now and its the best.

Even more exciting than plastic aliens – real ones!! More photos of this little model here.

My favorite idiot and his unconditional love.

Mushroom season!

Bikes, pals & friendly strangers. This is from the end of August (Critical Mass is the last Friday of the month) but I can’t not share. I really enjoy this video. Nights like this one make me never wanna leave the city.

This determined plant that went from not being watered in months, to just some leaves with roots to two healthy plants (and this is the small one! Those leaves on the right yielded two pots worth of plant!)

Watching cicadas emerge! I’ve got a play by play here!

Tiny kitties, giant bean bag. Will I ever be that cozy? Probably not.

Other nice things;this GIF from what feels like a million years ago ▴ when Spotify makes you a “time capsule” playlist and it’s full of bangers you can sing along to while you burn the midnight oil ▴ seeing my favorite band twice in one week ▴ fresh baked pumpkin muffins ▴ when you forget about a food you like to make and when you make it again its better than ever (sausage gravy & biscuits!) ▴ this recent dumb and dumber inspired purchasethis photo of Professor ▴ decorating the apartment for Halloween (today’s agenda!) ▴ tiny turtles! ▴

What’s making you smile today?

PS. Can’t recommend this gratitude journal enough!

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