Friday Favorites #546

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I don’t crochet or wear shawls but my goodness, how rad is this pattern!?

Forever a fan of a circle shaped bag!

I already own about five billion tooth-shaped vessels but none quite like these! (They’re shot glasses!)

You know I love a bold black and white jumpsuit! It reminds me a lot of this one which I already own & love. (It’s also on sale!!!)

I am positively swooning over this plant! The review photos show that people actually get ones equally as beautiful as the product photos. I am so tempted.

This tape!

I love Forgotten Fern’s work so much.

This patch!

Love love love this sweater. That color is perfect.

These earrings!

Mother Mountain Herbals‘ products all look and sound so lovely. My face is so dry this winter. Their face oil sounds like the perfect solution.

Yet another lovely striped sweater! I am obsessed with that sleeve with the tiny stripes. Such a fun little twist.

Link love…

A little something from the shop that fits this week’s color theme!

Happy Friday! xoxo

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