Friday Favorites #548

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The colors of this cardigan! Gah! It’s fabulous.

Loving this luggage tag shaped like a disposable camera.

This cat vase!

Love all the little bells and whistles this planner has. I’m just a big fan of planners with fun little stickers and illustrations throughout.

Bird mug!

Just crushing on this colorful bag. I own so many totes but gosh, I just can’t resist.

Digging this sweatshirt!

Y’all! This cat make up!?!?! That highlighter with the kitty wearing the top hat is killing me.

How pretty is this watering can?

This little tech set. I’m always a fan of things in the oil slick color pattern.

I’m doing whatever I want now.

Link love…

  • This vintage hand shaped bottle!! I have a big version of it and I am so tempted to scoop up this little one as well.
  • How rad is this USB candle lighter!? Love the idea of a rechargeable lighter but especially one long enough that I don’t burn my fingertips trying to light tall candles.
  • This bra!
  • Jeff bought himself this keyboard but before he got home I hooked it up to my computer just to test and holy smokes, I’m in love. It’s so pretty and even more than the noise of the keys is like the best thing ever. I need one for me… ya know, if he even manages convinces me to unplug this one from my computer.
  • This link is really for the jeans but I love that outfit. I don’t wear enough of that color combo.
  • A striped top with a kitty in the pocket!
  • This antique kewpie doll chocolate mold just made me laugh so darn hard. It’s just… unsettling! Just think, you could buy that and give your Valentine a whole box of those funny little faces.

Happy Friday! xoxo

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