Friday Favorites #553

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This shirt made me giggle. There are only a couple left in limited sizes so hop on it if you want one.

This blanket!

These planters are 100% my style. It’s taking all my self control not to grab one.

I can’t be-leaf how cute this rug is. Sorry.

This dress!

Just loving the hardware holding this shelf up.

This dress! If short dresses aren’t your jam – here’s a similar one that’s a lot longer.

I’m really digging this bedding.

How rad are these containers!? Each one is two pieces so you can change out your water without disturbing your plant. I also found this one. I kind of really want them both.

Absolutely loving this polka dot dress. It also comes in other colors and patterns if these wild polka dots aren’t your thing.

These shoes!

Link love…

  • This constellation wallpaper (which is removable!) is so cute!
  • Love love love this bra! It’s super affordable too.
  • This striped rug!! Soooo beautiful!
  • Kind of random recommendation but have y’all ever eaten this brand of gummy bears? They are THE BEST. Jeff and I got them once on a flight in a random snack box and immediately had to hunt them down. We’ve since eaten three of those bags I linked to. That’s 15 lbs of gummy bears.
  • This polka dot dress is so cute!
  • This sweater says the pattern is chevron but I just see a giant mouth – and I like it!
  • I bought this lithops grow kit earlier in the week. I am SO excited to get started.

Fitting with the color theme for this week – I’ve got one of these cat face boxy bags left!

Happy Friday! xoxo

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  • Omg those gummy bears are the best!! We always stop at the Albanese Candy Company when visiting friends in northwestern Indiana. They have a chocolate fountain that comes in from the ceiling in the gift shop. It’s so cool!