10 things making me smile

by Kaylah Stroup

▴ spotting all three animals laying in one ray of sunshine & then capturing it on film

▴ painting my toe nails for the first time in… five years(!?) and feeling like I have brand new adorable feet

polish is ‘Jawbreaker‘ by Palate Polish

this prism that looks like I’m holding a little piece of magic

bonus – it makes a really cool ‘filter’ for your photos if you hold it up to your camera lens while shooting.

▴ getting film developed & reliving past trips

▴ this demon kitten

▴ this hilarious Frank Reynolds bumper sticker because everyone needs an egg for this trying time

▴ neighborhood aliens, babies, and animals – as always

more photos of my recent finds here

▴ mail from my niece (who I miss dearly because I’ve gotten used to seeing her at least once a week for the past year!)

▴ shadows from my swiss cheese plant

▴ being interrupted while playing video games to give pets

A short list of more positive things I’ve enjoyed on the internet lately –

What’s making you smile today? xoxo

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