Friday Favorites #557

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These earrings!

These socks!! So cute!

No better time to send snail mail than now!

Dark chocolate and wild mint. Doesn’t this lip balm sound amazing!?

This ‘bendy boy’ shirt made me giggle.

Nessie sugar spoon! We have this cat sugar spoon and I’m kind of amazed how useful a tiny spoon actually is.

Are you the all state cat patting champion? PS. Do you know your high score? (aka how many cats you’ve pet in one day?) One time I went to a shelter that didn’t have cages and pet over 100!

This raccoon hanky is the cutest. I just love raccoons so much.

Skateboarding ghost!

Be kind to ya mind.

Link love…

My husband’s second book, Abandoned Northern Ohio, was released this week! I’m so so so proud of him. He worked super hard finding great locations for it.

abandoned northern ohio

Happy Friday!

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