friday favorites #559

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I’m normally more into scented candles than decorative ones but these things are seriously awesome!

I bought this dress this week. I am so excited to wear it! Gonna pair it with my jean jacket + Tevas!

This pin is precious.

This dog planter is just absurdly cute.

Two of my favorite things – eyes + rainbows!

I have broken two pairs of sunglasses in the last week. I can’t decide if that’s a really good reason to buy these or a good reason not to buy them. Aren’t they so snazzy!?

These handmade lip balms come in so many amazing sounding flavors. Coffee! Root Beer!? Chai? Sign me up!

I literally never ever put food in bowls like this but gosh, these bowls with tiny houses! Too cute!

I went looking for a polka dot summer dress and ending up finding this wrap dress. Not exactly what I had in mind but better. It’s also available in other colors and patterns.

This beach towel!!

Very into these shirts by Residential Ghost.

Link love…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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