our new windows!

by Kaylah Stroup

This post is sponsored by Universal Windows Direct.

Patio door off kitchen before + in progress.

We just celebrated one full year of living in Stroup Mansion. In these last twelve months, I’ve accomplished SO much. I’ve refinished original hardwood floors, hung new drywall, gone through gallons of paint but honestly, one of the most exciting things we’ve done for the house is get her new windows and a functioning patio door!

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with Universal Windows Direct the last few months and wanted to write a little bit about my experience and how easy it was to update our windows (and doors)!

The laundry room before + after.

We had a total of six windows replaced by Universal Windows Direct. Three in the attic (you can see those in this video!), two in the hallway (above in the photo with Klaus), and one in the laundry room. The laundry room window is one of my favorite improvements. It was one of the worst windows in the house. It hadn’t been replaced by the previous owner despite the fact it was cracked. I knew it needed to be replaced just based on that but I truly wasn’t expecting how much better a new window would look! I swear, it’s like the room has a whole new view of the yard now simply because you can actually see out of the window now.

The whole process was a breeze. Universal Windows Direct offers free estimates. They’ll come out to your home, show off product samples and talk everything over with you. They even do a neat little demonstration with a torch to show how their windows keep extreme temps from coming into your home. After you’ve picked out what you want, the next step is a measure tech visiting. This literally took no time at all. He came in, measured everything up, and then the order was sent to production.

Installation day is what you have to look forward to next. Can I just start by saying that when you’ve been DIY-ing everything it is SO nice to watch someone else work on your house. The install team was courteous, friendly, and super efficient!

Patio door off kitchen before and after.

Universal Windows Direct not only does windows but doors as well! Off our kitchen, we have a little concrete platform, absolutely perfect for plants and coffee breaks, but when we moved in it wasn’t accessible from the inside. The opening had been filled with two large windows that were held together and in place by boards. They were clearly placed like this with the intention they wouldn’t be opened.

Before this collaboration, I was a bit at a loss with what to do about this opening. I absolutely wanted it to be a door but quickly discovered it was a weird size. I would never be able to just find a door waiting for me at the store. The good news is that Universal Windows Direct makes everything custom. My goofy-sized door opening? Not a problem!

I don’t want to admit it but winter is well on its way here in Ohio. I’m not excited to have to turn our heat back on but at least I know our bill will be lower now that we have new windows that will keep the cold out!

Now is the perfect time to get new windows! Universal Windows Direct is offering buy one get one free on all windows (with no limit! Literally you could buy ten and get ten free which is pretty amazing!) Their windows have a lifetime warranty and if you sell your home that warranty is transferable to the next homeowner for 30 years! Can’t forget that they are also offering 24 months no payments, no interest!

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