portrai.me review

by Kaylah Stroup
portrai me custom portrait review

Have you ever heard of Portrai Me?

Portrai Me is a visual art project that creates ‘portraits’ of people’s personalities through the various motifs in their lives. 

Each piece is created in collaboration with the client who orders the Portrai Me. After ordering, you receive a form to customize the artwork. You can then provide a list of words and attach images you would like to be represented on the piece. After you submit your info, they create a custom drawings entirely based on the submitted lists and images.

They’re available in black and white or color, as well as a variety of different sizes.

portrai me custom portrait review

I think if you know anything about me at this point, you know that I’m obsessed with my house… so, of course, my Portrai Me piece is all about the house.

My list included my office fireplace, a metal detector, daffodils, the wallpaper with the hidden writing underneath, a black snake (because of this incident!), the clawfoot tub, the art we found buried in the woods, tomatoes, a toad, black berries, the gorgeous hardware I restored & of course, the pets.

For full transparency, I provided photos and posted about it on my instagram in return for my own custom portrait. That was over a year ago at this point. I’m under no obligation to write this post or share anything else about it. I just wanted to post about it here too because I’M OBSESSED with it.

portrai me custom portrait review

The first year and a half of living here was such a blur. It just felt like going from zero to a hundred in a millisecond. Everything was new and exciting. I love this portrait because it really sums up some of my favorite things that happened during that period. I feel like if I were to get another one now, the same items probably wouldn’t be included and that’s what makes this so special. It’s a snapshot into our first year as homeowners.

I also have to note that just a few weeks after originally getting this piece our dog Klaus passed away so I’m so happy to have him included in this. It makes it even more special. He may not be with us anymore but he was a huge piece of our lives here. One of my biggest goals in life was to buy that pup a yard of his own and by golly, we did it! Now I’m sobbing.

All of that to say, this piece is very sentimental.

portrai me custom portrait review

shown above : the original wallpaper from our home that inspired the piece in the art.

A custom piece from Portrai Me is an absolutely killer idea for a new homeowner or anyone just going through a new phase in life! It’s also the sweetest thing you could get a loved one (think little pictures of shared memories or inside jokes!) I love my picture and highly highly recommend snagging one for yourself! xo

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