abandoned Rochester subway // round two

by Kaylah Stroup

The weekend before last Jeff, Jake, and I hit up the abandoned Rochester subway. I guess it’s sort of an annual thing now. The Rochester subway was a light rail rapid transit line that operated from 1927 to 1956. The subway was constructed in the bed of the old Erie Canal. Most of the tracks have since been removed but it’s a really incredible tunnel nonetheless. The main part, where light flows in, is filled with colorful graffiti. It’s a really interesting spot to go visit, take photos, and poke around.

We walked the entire length again this year. It really wasn’t too much different from last year. We did manage to find a new little path to go down though which was an awesome discovery. There was an opening and a strange tunnel that kept going and kept going but I wasn’t really feeling it. It was clear someone was living there, deep underneath the city. I really don’t like the idea of invading someone’s personal space like that so if ever somewhere feels like it might be someone’s home I’m out. Not to mention the fact there were around five million cigarettes, I’m barely exaggerating here, and the smell was hard to handle. I’m so curious where the tunnel went though. I’d love to go in deeper, maybe next year…

Of course, there was new graffiti as well. I’m sure things are constantly being changed around down there. People were even painting while we there. One of my favorite things from this trip was Halloween themed graffiti! Ghosts, pumpkins, spooky creatures, and more! It was so awesome!!!

hornbill above done by Mr. Prvrt who paints some real rad stuff (+works with Wild Wings Inc, an organization that houses injured and non-releasable birds of prey in NY)

See ya again next year, Rochester!

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