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For Valentine’s Day Jeff and I took a spur of the moment trip to Rochester, New York. On Friday morning he sent me a text asking me to ask my mom, who was at our apartment, if she’d be willing to take Klaus home with her when she left. I knew that meant we were taking a weekend trip so I asked “Where are we running away to?” He responded with a screenshot of a hotel reservation in Rochester. That’s my kind of Valentine’s Day present!

Since we met we’ve been taking annual trips up to Rochester. Each time previous had been with friends, and only for the day. Last year we weren’t able to find a time when everyone was able to go and subsequently missed the opportunity. We’re both fairly smitten with Rochester. Jeff, especially, had been itching to get back as soon as possible. It’s very reminiscent of Cleveland so it’s kind of like being at home but with lots of new things to explore. We left without a plan but armed with cameras – the way any good trip starts.

Saturday was spent aimlessly wandering around the city on foot. We woke up fairly early Sunday with hopes of getting the abandoned subway again, and finding some abandoned buildings to shoot. I felt a little uncomfortable with the subway since for the first time it was actually fenced off, and seemed to be under construction. We opted to hit one building we had found during our last visit and then hit the road since the weather was icky. On our way home we stopped in Buffalo, a city filled with abandoned buildings that for some reason we never have any luck getting into. Well, the Buffalo curse was finally broken.

Despite getting two spots that weekend, one of which was a maaajor highlight for both of us, I didn’t end up with very many photos that I absolutely loved. The ones I am happy with I couldn’t bare to just tuck away in a folder so what you get is a mix of photos from the two buildings.

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