10 things making me smile…

When you rearrange a shelf and suddenly it’s like you’re seeing everything again for the first time!

This year’s collection of four leaf clovers.

This guy who has been so fearless near water lately.

Making arrangements from found flowers.

Box monster!

Decorating for Halloween.
My house is perfect for fake spiderwebs. They just fit in so well.

Finding a new relaxing hobby – doodling on photos on my iPad.

This former shy kitty living her best life!
Always showing off her belly!

My collection of washed up warriors from the shores of Lake Erie.

Sunflowers + skeleton shoes!
My first time buying sunflowers for inside the house. I must have taken about a hundred photos of them. They’re just so beautiful!

 (#11 bonus!) Ponyhenge, still!
Got a few emails recently from people who lived close but didn’t know it existed. Those emails make my day!

Even more good things;
▴ pumpkin scented candles, specifically this one ▴ making awesome six month anniversary plans ▴ filling the house with the scent of baked goods (banana bread + pumpkin muffins this week!)crazy cat antics caught on camera ▴ using a brand new notebook for the first time ▴ a cool breeze + a clean house ▴ this little devil ▴ Klaus using pillows exactly the way they’re supposed to be used ▴ Wild Ophelia cold brew coffee bites (OMG! So good. Whole Foods has pumpkin spice ones. They’re out of this world!) ▴ Professor chasing the shadow from the fridge door every single time I open it ▴ when Spotify creates a playlist for you that rules ▴ sleeping on clean sheets

What’s making you smile today?

PS. Can’t recommend this gratitude journal enough!

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  • 2 things:
    1) Re: Ponyhenge. My mom was telling me how her directions took her this weird back way from Boston and she’s going “So I’m driving through Lincoln…” and before she even said it I knew she was gonna say “..and there was this field full of HORSES!!!” lolololol
    2) I bought those pumpkin cold brew bites on Monday. I couldn’t resist. They’re AWESOME.

  • Sunflowers! From your local TJ’s? We have amazing flower prices! Side note I’ve been obsessing over our lemongrass body oil. I know you like beauty products and Trader Joe’s 😉

    • Of course! I can never resist buying flowers from Trader Joe’s!!! One of my favorite things about shopping there.

      I will definitely have to check that out. I love lemongrass!