The Rocking Horse Graveyard

My travel bucket list is… unique. While I certainly wouldn’t mind going to Stonehenge, places like Cadillac Ranch and Ponyhenge are what actually top the list.

When we started planning out some locations we could stop at on our New England road trip, my number one spot ended up being Ponyhenge. Also called ‘The Rocking Horse Graveyard.” I’d seen photos of it for years. I could NOT wait to finally see it in person!

When we got off the highway and still had a bit of drive left, I got a little worried. Our trip had already had quite a few stops that we didn’t research enough and that ended up being a bit of a letdown. I was worried that I was directing us to nothing, especially since Lincoln looked so darn quaint. I’m expressed interest in immediately moving there at least five times as we drove through. It was beautiful. Alas, we weren’t off looking for charming homes, we were looking for ponies!


The origins of Ponyhenge are a little fuzzy. There are mixed stories but basically, there was a single rocking horse left in a field, random people started dropping off their old horses, and eventually, it became what it is today. A field of, at the time of our visit, 24 old rocking horses. According to various articles I found, Ponyhenge is periodically rearranged. Sometimes they’re in a circle, sometimes rows and other times, they’re simply scattered about.

When we arrived, the ponies were in a circle with a few hanging out in the center. The field was overgrown. (I’d been crossing my fingers it would be!) The sky was gloomy, and threatening rain. It was perfect for photos! Although, the ponies and general gloominess of the day may be a little bit spooky, the area it was in was the complete opposite. Everyone who jogged or biked past, and there were quite a few, enthusiastically greeted us. It was awesome. Spooky ponies and extra friendly folks – feels like a town with a secret, eh?

Ponyhenge is easily one of my favorite roadside attractions I’ve ever stopped at. It’s literally just a field full of rocking horses but gosh darn it, I love it. I truly hope someday I can own a piece of property like Ponyhenge that people will add to, come photograph and just enjoy! There’s just something really special about this type of thing.

We found the ponies by putting ’39 Old Sudbury Rd. Lincoln MA’ into our GPS. The ponies are actually a little bit further past that in a field. There’s even room to pull off in front of them. My first impression was that it was much smaller than I had imagined but don’t that let that stop you from checking them out. Heck, bring a pony to leave behind if you can!

Taken with Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

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