a few of my favorite face masks – part 2

Back in January of this year, I shared a post featuring a few of my favorite face masks. Check that out here. Doing masks together is still one of my mine and Jeff’s favorite little rituals. It’s relaxing and with the dry winter air, our faces need all the extra love they can get.

A few more of my favorite face masks, in no particular order…

Palate Polish Bio Cellulose Kombucha Sheet Mask. This is, without a doubt, the best sheet mask I have ever used. First of all, it actually stuck to my face! Sure, most sheet masks stay relative well but they always have weird gaps around your nose and don’t really stay on around your jaw but just take a look at this bad boy below! It’s actually stuck on my face!

Once removed, the mask left my face so incredibly soft, smooth, and glowy. I have never experienced results so dramatic as I did with this. If you were looking for a mask to do before a special event – this is it! Need even more reasons to buy? The mask is compostable, vegan, never tested on animals and from a woman run company!

Palate Polish sheet mask

L’Oréal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub. First things first, this isn’t a mask. As the name states, it’s a scrub. Since it’s something special I don’t use every single day, I’m going to go ahead and group it in with masks.

At just around five dollars, this is the cheapest product on this list but don’t let that fool you. It’s incredible. The container is fairly small but after five uses I still have over half left. I will definitely be repurchasing once I run out. It makes my face feel smooth and refreshed. Its what I reach for when my face is feeling rough and dull from the dry winter air. It also smells very very tasty and washed off easily!

If you have dry lips, this scrub can also be used on your lips! When I use it I actually just massage my whole face, including my lips with it.

Charcoal Peel-Off Mask. Not even going to play it cool, this is my favorite mask ever! I’d been on the hunt for a really nice peel off mask like this for a while. They were really popular there for a minute and that lead to a lot of them being on the market – which also meant there were a lot that maybe weren’t that great. Searching through reviews was daunting. It seemed like half the reviews were fake (super positive) and the others were complaining that their faces were basically being ripped off when they removed the mask.

ANYWAY, I decided to just take a chance and try this one out. My first time using it the results were incredible. When I peeled off the mask it had blackheads and tons of dead skin attached. I couldn’t believe it. I sent pictures to Jeff immediately! Of course, each time after that it’s had less and less but I’m obviously going to take that as a good sign.

I don’t apply this mask to my whole face just my chin, nose and forehead. It definitely does a great job pulling off anything that shouldn’t be there but still, it doesn’t hurt to remove. My one word of advice is to use this mask after a hot shower since your pores will be open.

charcoal peel off maskcharcoal peel off mask

Pretty gross, huh? I’m including it though because that’s exactly the kind of photo that sells me on a face mask.

Aztec Secret Clay Mask. This was probably the number one mask people recommended to me after my first post on face masks. It’s one of the most popular masks out there right now, and with good reason! It leaves my face feeling clean, and smooth although I definitely wouldn’t use this in the morning since it leaves my face red for a little bit.

My one complaint about this is just what a bother it is to rinse off. It’s no harder than any other clay mask I’ve ever tried but masks like this always take a bit more elbow work to remove. I’ve become a big big fan of peel off and sheet masks lately for this exact reason.

The good news is, this mask is perfect for spot treating. If you have a zit that you feel might make an appearance in the next few days, this mask will basically stop it in its tracks.

Freeman Sweet Tea and Lemon Peel-Off Mask. I’m a big fan of all of the masks I’ve tried from Freeman so far. (This is my third. Read about the first two in this post.) As I mentioned above, I really love peel off masks. This one is definitely a bit more gentle than the charcoal one I raved about earlier in the post. It doesn’t get as many blackheads out and is much easier to remove. That being said because it is more gentle, I apply it to my whole face instead of just problem areas like my chin. It leaves my skin feeling so soft!

a few of my favorite face masks

Have you discovered any great new face masks lately? I’m especially fond of anything super moisturising this time of the year!

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  • I just got Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay mask and I really like it. I also have been using a green tea splash mask by Blithe in the shower and it’s really nice as well.