Jerry’s Junk // on film

One of my favorite stops on Mickey and I’s latest trip was in Louisville, Kentucky at Jerry’s Junk. I want so badly to have an easy way to explain this place but it really something you just have to see first…


Jerry Lotz is a collector, clearly. He owns five homes in the neighborhood, all of which are packed to the brim with a wide variety of items. The place that draws people in is on the corner of Frankfort and William street. The lawn is covered and when you peek inside the windows (Don’t worry, he lives upstairs) you can see the inside is filled up with odds and ends as well. You could hang around for hours and still keep spotting new things.

Mickey and I just stopped to take photos but soon met Jerry who we ended up spending over two hours with. Jerry showed us around two of his homes, taking us inside to get a closer look at things we might be interested in. He told us stories of his childhood, and told us how his daughters don’t appreciate his collection. We volunteered ourselves up for adoption! He told us how everything he owns has a story behind it and even shared some of the stories. The funniest part is, the whole time he’s talking to us he’s dragging around a rake. It was SO hard to hear.

But really, it was incredible to be able to talk to him and hear all about his collection. Even though I could never see myself amassing a collection like this, there’s just something that draws me into collections and their owners. It’s like I just get it, I understand how it feels to be passionate about weird things.

Even a few spots not specifically on his property were adorned with his things. Below are some things found in the sidewalk.

  Above is the man himself, Jerry Lotz.

It was truly one of the most fun experiences ever. Mickey and I each bought a really great “souvenir”, I’ll tell you all about that another day though. Jerry is so very kind. If you’re ever in the area “Jerry’s Junk” is a must visit!


All of the photos above were taken with a pentax k1000 and Fujifilm 35mm Superia X-TRA 400.

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