Six months in Cleveland – the celebration!

Last Thursday I celebrated six months living in Cleveland, and boy oh boy did I celebrate! Jeff, Brandon, and I set out around in 8am to do some exploring. We were on a roll so after each building we’d all be saying “just one more…” Just one more ended up being the three of us exploring eleven abandoned buildings, nearly half of which were new ones to all of us, in fourteen hours with one short lunch break. It was one of the most fun days ever.

I have so many photos from the day to share over the next few weeks, I’ll be breaking them up by location. First I’m going to start with our last stop of the day. It’s actually kind of sweet, this building is a little bit special to me for a few reasons. I had seen it from the freeway the day I bought my car. It stuck out to me because of a piece of graffiti on the side that I really liked. I wanted to photograph it so bad but couldn’t imagine getting off getting off the freeway, venturing into the city, and getting close enough to the building to shoot it. Remember I’m from the country, cities were absolutely foreign and terrifying to me a little over a year ago. I never would have thought that months later I would inside that building taking pictures, exploring with friends, and watching the sunset from the rooftop. It’s neat how things come full circle like that.  Funny thing is, I still haven’t photographed the outside like I wanted to so long ago. Haha!

While we were up on the roof I practiced my night photography skills. I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I mean, I understand the basics of how to take great photos at night, but I’m still trying to master it. The first photo is my favorite. The sky and clouds were so perfect that night, it was almost like it never got completely dark outside. Had we not all been absolutely beat from running around all day I’m sure we could have stayed up there for hours.

Can’t wait to share more photos from this day!

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