Abandoned Observatory

The observatory is another building that was on my radar long before I moved to Cleveland. I actually ended up there once by accident when I got lost on my way back from Cleveland. Sometimes the MapQuest app gets me allllll mixed around, and that was one of the times it actually turned out okay. I parked my car, got out and snapped a few photos. Once again, never thought that some day I’d be inside of it with my best friends (check out our super cute group shot here!)

The observatory is probably one of the coolest buildings in Cleveland, in my opinion. Its size is deceiving from the outside. It doesn’t look that large but once inside you realize, it’s quite large and it’s a maze!

In the 1950s Cleveland’s light pollution began to make research impossible from this location. Eventually the building was sold in 1983, abandoned, and remained neglected until 2005 when a couple who planned on turning it into their residence bought the property for a mere 115k. Those plans were soon thwarted when the new owner was convicted of mortgage fraud. Since then the building has just been sitting and rotting.


Author: Kaylah Stroup

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