Wigwam Village #2

by Kaylah Stroup

The main reason we actually took a detour to Kentucky before heading over to North Carolina? Wigwam Village! If you recall, back in June, Jeff and I actually stayed in one in Arizona. The one in Kentucky is the one I originally knew about waaaay before I even met Jeff, before I even moved to Cleveland, before I even drove! I had been wanting to stay here for so very long and now I finally get to cross it off my list.

Built in the 1930s + 40s, there were originally seven Wigwam Village locations. Now only three remain, each of which has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The first question everyone always asks when I say I stayed at Wigwam Village is “Do they have bathrooms?!” Yes, absolutely. Each wigwam has a bed, and bathroom, they even have cable tv and internet access. The base of each teepee is 14 feet in diameter, so it’s kind of close quarters but perfect for two people. The teepees are by no means luxurious but they’re still clean. I like to think of it like staying at your grandma’s house. It’s clean but it’s outdated. The beds have nice old quilts, not crisp white sheets like at a hotel. The bathroom is incredibly tiny and the shower is even smaller (but, daaaang that water pressure was great!) Basically the gist here is that they’re clean, and fairly cheap but I probably wouldn’t stay there if it wasn’t so incredibly kitschy. I am an absolute sucker for tourist traps.

It’s way out of the way to go to Cave City from Cleveland before heading to Charlotte. It’s essentially a huge triangle but when Jeff suggested we swing by I couldn’t say no, especially considering it was our six month anniversary and I’ve been begging to go to Cave City for so long. He’s super squeamish about dirty places, which is hilarious considering we’re almost always in abandoned buildings. He’s not a huge fan of Wigwam Village in that aspect, he’d rather stay at DoubleTree (and if he knew I was typing this he’d say it was all because of their cookies!), but the fact he suggested it for our anniversary is pretty darn sweet in my book!

Now with this one under my belt, I only have one remaining Wigwam Village to stay in, and you know dang well I’m chomping at the bit toget there. Like I said, they’re not luxurious places by any means but an absolutely a fun place to stay!

Update – August 2015 – I’ve stayed at all three standing Wigwam Villages! Wooo! Check out my post about Wigwam Village #7.

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