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A little while back Jeff, Brandon, and I took a short trip outside the city to check out an abandoned greenhouse. We’d known about this place for a while but it didn’t seem like anyone was in a rush to get there. We were barely inside before the three of us were completely in awe. The complex is absolutely massive. Some glass tiles from the ceiling had begun to fall but had been caught by the thick vines that covered so much of the place. There were huge stacks of terracotta planters in multiple spots throughout, and the sun was in the perfect spot in the sky for great pictures. This was definitely one of my favorite adventures in a while.

Ohio, Abandoned, Greenhouse
Before it closed, this was one of the biggest and best greenhouses in the area. Not 100% of the accuracy of what happened but one story goes that they got the idea they could bypass paying for expensive city water and just pump water straight from the lake to water their plants. They got everything all set up except one of the valves had been installed backwards. When they turned it on, lake water flooded homes nearby. They went bankrupt after that.

Other stories suggest it was an infestation of whiteflies or competition with tomato growers in Mexico that caused the greenhouse to go under. Whatever happened the plants didn’t seem to get the memo. Even this late in they year the growth, although dead for the most part, was hard to navigate through. I can’t even imagine how incredible this place looks in the summer when everything is alive!

I doubt I even have to mention the fact I am absolutely interested in going back to photograph this place as soon as spring comes around. Honestly, I’d love to see it in all the seasons! Don’t be surprised if you see more photos of this place in a few months.

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