Instax Share Printer Review

Recently Michaels contacted me about the Instax Share Printer, wanting to know if I’d like to give it a spin. I hadn’t heard of it yet but a quick google search and I was sold. So, what is it? The instax share printer is a tiny little battery-operated printer that produces 62mm x 46mm photos from an Android or iPhone. You can now print all the photos from your phone right on to instax film.

This appeals to me for so many reasons. The two most obvious reasons being I love instant film and I love having tangible copies of my photos. When I shoot film I get prints of all my photos made, regardless if I love the photo or not but I rarely ever get my digital photos printed. It’s kind of a bummer but it’s a hard habit to get into! This changes that, now printing my photos is not only fun but the prints are adorable.

I own a few instax cameras but there are definitely situations they’re not meant for. Low light, fast moving subjects, and selfies are all kind of difficult. Lets not forget that it’s not the most portable camera. This printer solves all those problems! You can shoot with your phone, if that’s your thing, or if you’re like me, shoot with your camera and then send the photos to your phone and PRINT!

It’s SUPER easy to set up. I didn’t even need to read the directions. You just download the app, connect the printer and your phone by joining the printer’s network, choose your photo and hit print. The app isn’t the prettiest but it is easy to navigate. It also offers filters and templates so you can edit your photos just before printing them if you’d like.

The quality of the photos is just what you’d expect from instant film. I’ve noticed the photos are bit less sharp than they appear on my phone, and it has a tendency to print the photos a tad overexposed. It doesn’t bother me at all but since it is a consistent “issue” it would be super easy to compensate for those things before printing. 

The only real con is the price of film which really has nothing to do with the printer itself. Instax mini film, which is what the printer uses, costs little bit less than a dollar per photo at this time. You need to be a bit choosy with what you print but I guess you really should be with anything you print, right?

Bottom line is that if you’re looking to print more of your photos in a unique way, the instax share printer should definitely be something you consider. I love this thing!

Special thanks to Michaels for providing me with the printer!

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