Salton Sea of the Midwest

A little while back Jeff, Jason and I took a day trip to do some exploring. We were all pretty darn sick of being cooped up inside for the last few months. It was a gorgeous day so I don’t think it really mattered where we went. I was just happy to be out looking for things to shoot again. You could have told me we were going anywhere and I’d have been like “Cool! Sounds great! Let’s go!”

 When we arrived at the destination, it’s safe to say we were all blown away. It was better than we imagined.  This area, formerly a little vacation spot, has been abandoned since at least 2008. The left side of the now overgrown road has little cottages, and the right is lined with colorful trailers. In those seven years the weather has really taken a toll on these structures. Most of were still full of things like one day everyone just picked up and left. Essentially had we discovered the midwest’s version of the Salton Sea. It was incredible! We spent nearly four hours (!!!?) wandering in and out of each trailer and cottage taking photos.

It’s funny because the one big thing Jeff was really set on seeing last year on our road trip was the Salton Sea. It was amazing, we both took tons of photos and were just completely overwhelmed by it. But, y’all, this place! We both sheepishly admitted while strolling down the abandoned road these trailers rest on that it was a cooler experience than the Salton Sea. It’s so crazy to think that we had something like that so close. There have obviously been other people here, and we’re not the first people to photograph it but it’s fun to think this ours. It’s not a tourist destination like the Salton Sea has essentially become. Maybe someday it will become a spot that everyone gets but the three of us will still have all have the experience of discovering it together and memories of how stinking exciting it was.

Ps. You can check out Jeff’s post from this place here, and Jason’s here.

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