Salton Sea of the Midwest – Revisited

Twice in the past few months I’ve shared photos from the place Jeff and I have dubbed the Salton Sea of the Midwest. (See here + here) On Memorial Day a big group of us headed out to catch this place at sunrise…except we were running late. Typical. Regardless, the lighting was still beautiful and even more than taking photos I enjoyed spending time with my friends. There were a few times I put my camera down, forgetting to take photos just to laugh, and tell stories. It’s a rare occasion any more that the majority of us get out together so I found myself just trying to soak it all up.

Okay, so taking photos was still absolutely awesome. I was blown away by how green this place was. Our first visit was at the very end of winter. There was still some snow on the ground and obviously nothing was growing. This time the amount of growth actually made the place seem even more abandoned than when everything was dead. Vines covered the insides of trailers, crawling their way across couches and out of windows. Toward the end of the road there were even some trailers so completely overgrown with trees, and other plants if you weren’t specifically looking for them you could easily miss them.

The ever important groupshot. 

Two other things to note about this adventure;
1. I have never seen more bugs in my life than on this small abandoned stretch. Seriously, just like a swarm of tiny little annoying bugs. Every spider web was just covered in them. Walking down the road was bad enough but as soon as you ventured off the path and into the tall weeds you had better have your mouth shut and be prepared to get assaulted. Bugs. everywhere.
2. It smelled. BAD. I know I’ve read a lot of articles about how bad the Salton Sea stinks (just one more thing this place has in common with it) but I honestly don’t recall it really being that bad. This place, on the other hand, was just rank. As soon as you thought you were getting used to it the stench would hit you again.

Grossness aside, it was a most excellent time, and I even picked myself a beautiful little bouquet to take home.

There were plans of bringing a grill, cooking some food, and hanging out a while but the early morning rush resulted in a grill being brought but no food. We ended up staying just long enough to shoot some pictures. Maybe another time…

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