The Dainty Squid hair master post

Punky Colour in Spring Green + Alpine Green.

For nine solid years I’ve been dying my hair bright, unnatural colors. Over this time I’ve written numerous posts about hair. I thought it might be beneficial to finally create a master post of sorts where I can link to all the important posts involving hair that I’ve published. I plan on keeping this post updated with links to any future hair posts I write as well.

FAQ about my hair

  •  What is your natural hair color? Dirty blonde.
  •  How often do you wash your hair? I wash my hair every day. Yes, seriously!
  • Do you bleach your hair every time you change colors? Nope. I rarely ever apply bleach to the entire length of my hair. I normally only apply it to my roots.
  • How often do you bleach your hair? I bleach my hair only when my roots are bad. With some colors my roots don’t really bother me so much and I can go long periods without touching them up. I’d say average is a little less than once a month.
  • How do you change colors so easily? Since I don’t bleach my hair completely when changing colors I rely on letting it fade. Extra conditioning treatments, soaking in the tub, and the like so the current color is as light as possible. I just deal with the faded hair as long as possible. A lot of smoothly transitioning colors is knowing how colors work with each other. Underlying pigments effect what color your hair will end up so there are certain shades I’m not able to go to easily from some colors since I don’t strip my hair completely each time. You can read more about switching hair colors in this post.
Manic Panic in Sunshine, Hot Hot Pink, Pillarbox Red, and Pretty Flamingo. Color Jamz in Yellin Yellow. Punky Colour in Fuego, and Purple.

FAQ about products

  • What bleach do you use? I swear by the Beyond the Zone Radical Bleach Kit. I’ve been using it since I started bleaching my hair. I do not follow the timing instructions though. After about seven minutes my hair is normally light enough to rinse. I definitely recommend keeping a close eye on how quickly it’s processing your hair. You can read more about my bleaching process here.
  •  What brand of hair dye do you use? The majority of my dye jobs are done with Punky Colours, which I either purchase at Ulta or on Amazon. I’m also a fan of Special Effects dyes. If I’m in a hurry, or can’t find the color I’m looking at the store I’ll pick up Manic Panic but in general, it’s not my first choice. I’ve had the worst luck with Ion Color Brilliance and probably wouldn’t recommend them at all. That’s not to say I haven’t seen some gorgeous dye jobs with that dye. Everyone’s hair is different so your experiences with brands might not be the same as mine.
  • My hair color bleeds on everything / it’s all over my hands. How do you deal with this? I don’t. My hair color does not bleed. I don’t leave stains on anything other than my hands when my hair is wet and that’s only for the first day or so. If you’re dealing with a lot of staining it could be one of two things (possibly both): You didn’t rinse well enough or you’re not using a high quality color. As mentioned above, I recommend Punky Colours.
Purple. Blue. and Green Hair
Punky Color in alpine green, turquoise, and plum as well as electric lizard from Manic Panic

Recommended reading

As much as I’d love to help people out with their hair, I can’t. Everyone’s hair is different. How your hair reacts to a certain product or color may be the complete opposite of how mine does. I’m simply sharing as much as I can about what I’ve found works for me. For that reason, I cannot give out any further advice. I can’t tell you what brand and color will make a certain shade in your hair but I can tell you that the adventure of it is half the fun!

If you have any general questions or questions about my hair – let me know. I’ll be keeping this post updated with relevant information.

Good luck!


Author: Kaylah

Just a green haired gal from Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • Sorry, two more questions: how much dye do you add to your conditioner, and she just had a deep conditioning treatment at the beauty school; how long should we wait to dye? Don't want to negate the conditioning effects and don't want the colour not to take. Thanks for any help!

  • I adore your rainbow locks!

    Are there any particular types of conditioners to avoid mixing with the punky colours? Or ones maybe you would recommend?

    I recently mustered up the courage to bleach and dye my mid back length natural hair, blood orange/red. My hair seems to be just as strong and healthy but a little thirsty haha I read your blog and thought I might try mixing conditioner with the dye when I reapply.

    Thanks for sharing all your advice! xo

  • I know everyone always asks how you DYE your hair, but could you do a post on how you style your hair? Your hair is always looking fierce!
    My cut is about the same length as you keep your hair, but I just don't know how to get my bob looking perfect like yours. I especially love when you throw just a little bit of curl in there!
    Do you have a special blow-drying technique? Do you style with unicorn dust? There has to be some secret! Haha.

  • Hi! Thank you so much for your blog and posts about your hair! It has really helped me make the leap into the world of vibrantly colorful hair. I'm looking into the Hask Placenta hair and scalp treatment and I was wondering when you put it on? Do you use it regularly while your hair is colored?
    Thank you so much!

  • Yes, please more hair posts! I recently went with punky alpine green and followed your advice from various posts. Got lots of compliments at CONvergence, a sci-fi/fantasy con in Mpls. over July 4th weekend. Sent everyone to your site. Love the photography posts too!

  • OMG! You are my new hair color inspiration goddess! I have been dying my hair since I was 18 and have been dying it bright "unnatural" colors for the past few years. I was dying it red (manic panic vampire red) and prior to that I had magenta (special effects virgin rose) but recently went to purple. I've used a variety of the manic panic purples and they turn out pretty but fade so fast. I just tried special effects pimpin purple and deep purple so I'm hoping they last a little longer. I was wondering about how you mix your dye and conditioner…could you tell me a little bit more about that? Does it dilute the dye and make it more pastel? Do you have to use less dye then? Does it affect how long the dye lasts? I thought since you shouldn't condition your hair prior to dying it, mixing it with conditioner would cause the dye to not "stick"? Clearly that's not the case because your hair always looks amazing! Thanks for all the advice and inspiration!

    • It dilutes the color a little bit but how much really just depends on how much conditioner you mix in with the dye. You'd have to use A LOT to make it pastel. I feel like it makes the dye last longer.

  • HI! I'm wondering if you've tried any other brands of hair dye that have become more popular recently like Pravana or Arctic Fox hair dye? I know Pravana is usually used by salons but its available on ebay and amazon, and Arctic Fox is at Spencers. Also Good Dye Young but they're fairly new and don't have that many colors available, same with Lunatik Cosmetics.

    • I've never tried Arctic Fox but I have used Pravana a few different times over the years. I'm still Punky Colours all the way! I've found nothing that works for my hair better.

      Also, Good Dye Young kind of smells… like a lot. I got the blue and the yellow (to mix since they don't sell green) and I couldn't handle the smell. I had to wash my hair a second time after rinsing it out.

  • Hi Kaylah! Love your blog and your hair. I noticed that you've used Electric Lizard on your hair in the past, coul you tell me what colour you switched to next? I'm waiting for my lime green to fade but have heard it can be hard to shift or change. Thanks!