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Recently I was offered a sample of Liquid Palisade, a product I had never heard of before but I was instantly intrigued and I think you might be too! Put simply it is an easy-peel nail polish barrier. It comes in a small tube with brush, something very similar to what liquid eyeliner might come in. You paint it on before using nail polish, let it dry, use your nail polish as you normally would, and then peel off Liquid Palisade along with any mess you may have made. Clean cuticles every time! Genius, right?!

I’m not a messy nail painter. I owe that to spending a few nights a week painting and re-painting my nails for basically as long as I can remember. What really sparked my interest was the idea of using the product to create interesting designs. Liquid Palisade comes in two different styles, one with a thick brush for easy coverage of your cuticles, and one with a skinny brush meant for masking off parts of your nail for easy multi-color designs.

Skinny brush on the left is “Liquid Palisade French Manicure Easy-Peel Polish Barrier
Thick brush on the right is “Liquid Palisade Easy-Peel Polish Barrier

Like I said, I was really excited to use it for making designs. I figured it had to be easier than using the stickers I use currently. I painted my nails, let them dry, then began applying Liquid Palisade where I didn’t want the next color to be. Similar to the way that oil and water never really mix, the line of Liquid Palisade I painted on just rolled away. I tried applying the product thicker but no matter what it would never stay exactly where I put it.

The directions say “Apply a thick layer below tip. Allow to dry, and shape with orange stick.” I didn’t experiment too much with the orange stick because I found that touching the dried product made it roll up and become unstuck from my nail. I guess if you spent enough time “shaping” the product maybe you’d have some luck. My complaint is that it’s just not precise. Getting a line that is perfectly straight is nearly impossible. It seems like a waste of time and money to fool around with it when you can easily get crisp, clean lines by using super cheap stickers.

The bottle with the larger brush was something I could actually see being practical though. Above is an example of what it looks like applied, and with nail polish messily painted on. As you can see on the right side, it peeled right off. It’s pretty impressive… and if you love peeling things off you will love this! I can see this product being useful for children who are just learning to paint their nails, people who no matter what still can’t seem to keep the polish only on their nails, and designs that involve a mess like water marbling or splatter techniques. 

The bottle is very small but I would assume that just like liquid eyeliner in an equally small tube this is going to last a loooong time. I painted all of my nails multiple times with the french manicure one, which has the smaller brush, and didn’t even make a dent.

Drying time obviously depends on how thick you lay the stuff on but in general I found it dries in no time at all. By the time I did my whole hand the nail I started on was dry and ready to paint.

I’m pretty torn on what my end feelings on Liquid Palisade are. Is it something I will repurchase? Probably not. I normally don’t post reviews on things I’m not 100% sold on but like I mentioned above, I do definitely think it could be super useful to the right person. I know there are tons of people out there that no matter how much practice still aren’t able to paint their nails without getting some on their cuticles. This product could save you tons of clean up time and q-tips!  

Have you ever tried Liquid Palisade or any similar products? I actually saw that some people use regular old Elmer’s Glue for the same purpose albeit it takes a lot longer to dry!

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