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This post might seem totally random but winter is bath season for me. As soon as the weather starts to cool the bathtub suddenly becomes one of my favorite spots in the whole apartment.  Sometimes I take one first thing in the morning to wake up, other times I take one right before bed. Doesn’t matter what time of the day, nothing is more relaxing to me than sipping tea, reading a book, and soaking my stress away. It’s my favorite way to warm up if I have a chill… which is basically always. I consider myself fairly well-versed in bath products so I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite things that make baths even more relaxing.

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1. Village Naturals Therapy Foaming Bath Oil. This, surprisingly, is one of my favorite bath products. It contains menthol so it’s the perfect thing to clear out your sinuses (because winter means I inevitably get sick at least once!) It also comes in a bath soak. Using both the oil and the soak at the same time is heaven. The foaming bath oil is also a great multi-use product because not only can you take a bubble bath in it, it lathers really nicely if you’d like to use it as a shower gel. The smell is super energizing, and perfect for those early morning baths or showers.

2. Lush bath bombs are obviously going to be on this list. I’m pretty cheap so I totally understand not wanting to spend $6+ per bath product but they are absolutely worth the splurge. I don’t use them every single bath but they are an amazing pick my up when I’m feeling blue. If you haven’t tried Lush yet, quit stalling and go buy a sex bomb. I swear, there is nothing better!

3. A bath pillow. Do I have to explain why having a bath pillow rules? I don’t think so but I’ll tell you one thing, it’s so much cozier than laying your head on the tub or just putting a towel behind your head. It also makes it easy to keep my hair dry!

4. Overflow drain cover. Having one of these is a must if you’re over a certain height. Bathtubs that are long enough that I don’t have to decide which part of my body – feet, knees or boobs – has to be cold are few and far between. While having an overflow drain cover doesn’t completely solve the problem it gives you a few extra inches of water. Once you have one you’ll wonder
how you went without it all these years! I feel like a dork for not having mine pictured in this post but after a few years and a lot of different hair colors, it’s not very pretty. Trust me, you don’t want to see it.

5.  Candles, candles, and more candles. I am a verified candle addict. They make relaxing in the tub so much nicer. Recently I got a few from P.F. Candle Co. from Moorea Seal and holy smokes, they’re amazing! They smell wonderful, and last for quite a while. My current favorite is Gardenia & Coconut. If you’d rather purchase candles in person, I recommend hitting up TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. They always seem to have an awesome selection. I could spend forever just sniffing candles there.

6. Herbivore’s Coconut Milk Bath Soak. This stuff had been on my radar for quite sometime. I finally got my paws on it and let me just say – I was missing out! The other day Jeff came out of my bathroom and exclaimed “Wow, that coconut stuff smells amazing!” Not only does it smell great, it leaves you so so so soft.

Also, if you need a new tea for bath time… or all the time – try Bigelow’s Salted Caramel. It’s easy to accidentally over-steep but when you time it just right it tastes like candy! It’s my current favorite. I haven’t had it for all that long at all and I’ve devoured almost a full box.

Are you a fan of bubble baths? What are your favorite bath products? Any recommendations for something that produces lots of bubbles?!

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