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My passion for instant photography runs deeeeep. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love it! There really is nothing that beats the thrill of an immediate physical photo you can pass around to all your friends. So when Lomography reached out to ask if I’d like to review their Lomo’Instant Honolulu Edition, a camera I had been admiring for a while, I was more than excited. On top of that, they offered to host a giveaway for y’all but more on that in a bit. First, lets talk about this nifty camera!

What is it? The Lomo’Instant was designed by the fine folks over at Lomography and brought to life by kickstarter backers in 2014. They wanted to build the ultimate instant camera! The Lomo’Instant uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film, which is readily available not only online but in lots of stores, including Target! With this camera you can shoot long exposures, unlimited multiple exposures, or add color gels to the flash. There is even a front mirror for selfies! Basically, the possibilities for what you can do with the Lomo’Instant are endless!

There are three extra lenses available for this beauty including fisheye, portrait, and close-up. The kit includes directions for not only the camera but each of the three lens, as well as sample photos. The sample photos are true to the size your actual photos will be. On the back of each photo there are some tips on how to replicate a similar shot as well as the settings used. I found this to be super handy, especially considering the fact this camera has a bit of a learning curve.

The bottom of the camera even has what each symbol on the camera means and when you should use that setting! It’s incredibly useful when you’re on the go and seem to have forgotten everything you just read up on in the instruction booklet. *Ahem*

So far I’ve shot through two packs of film with my Lomo’Instant. I’ve found the camera to be a bit of a challenge – a fun challenge though! You definitely have to plan your shot (against the rules of Lomography!) Even then, despite all the different controls, the photos do remain fairly unpredictable. I don’t think I would recommend this camera for people who are impatient, who aren’t interested in experimenting or who expect to get the perfect shot every single time. You definitely need a bit of patience here.

If you’re open to playing around, and possibly shooting some things that aren’t exactly what you imagined when you composed the shot then by all means, get yourself a Lomo’Instant! While not everything that I shot turned out very nicely, the ones that did came out even better than expected. You can’t use this camera expecting to take photos that will rival your DSLR, or even your iPhone for that matter. What you can expect are lots of happy accidents! The bottom line is that it’s a super cute camera that is a blast to experiment with.

Below are some examples of what I shot. The one of Klaus (my puppy dog, if you’re new here) and the abandoned building ended up being my absolute favorite despite the fact I did not even plan that shot. Just turned the camera on and released the shutter without looking through the viewfinder.

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  • This sounds perfect for me! I miss playing with settings when I shoot with an iPhone and I miss unpredictability when I shoot with a DSLR. Happy accidents sound right up my alley! Thanks for the post and the giveaway!

  • I looove lomography cameras! I used to have three of them (and one of their nifty bags!), but when my house got broken into a couple years ago, my camera bag got stolen. I still have some of their awesome filters, though. <3

  • I love lomo cameras! I have a Holga TLR, a pop camera and fisheye and a lomo lca. I have been wanting a lomo instant for years! The first thing I would do is go shoot the Atlanta Beltline. That would be so fun!

  • Ahhh this looks unreal! I must say I love instant film cameras! I have the Fujifilm Instax but would love to experiment with the Lomography one! Entered and have my fingers crossed!

  • This looks like so much fun! My friend and I love to play with her Polaroid instants and did a photographic guest book for her wedding with a bunch of Impossible Project film which turned out awesome! This would be a great new summer toy!

  • If I were to win this camera, I would definitely keep it! I love instant cameras as well. I got my first Polaroid last year and I have taken sooo many pictures!

  • I'm obsessed with instant photography and would love the versatility that this camera offers. And it's so cute! I would selfishly keep it for myself but share all the pictures with my loved ones. 🙂

  • I would love one of these! I have a Polaroid with a pack of old film and a pack of Impossible Project that I just can't bear to use, so I'd love a Lomo to learn the tips and tricks and give me confidence!

  • I really like the feeling of using a lomography camera! I have the Fisheye one, and all the photos and momentos i captured are really dear to me! Btw, i would totally keep it!

  • OMG, it's so pretty! I love everything Hawaii since I went there last winter. And my husband is really into lomography (he's got a pretty big collection of vintage cameras…). This would be a great present (I'm adding it to my list of present ideas!). Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • I have been with my with my now husband for 12 years and through out that time we have an astonishingly small amount of photos to show for it. I was actually inspired by your photo booth strip each month and we committed to taking photo booth pictures at least once a month last year and it was awesome! I want this camera so we can continue cataloging our lives in fun wayssssssssss!

  • oh golly, i've wanted an instant camera for a while now! I love the idea that you don't know what you get until you see the actual photo, and that unless you want to overspend on film, that one photo is it. I feel like that will help me with shooting with my DSLR as well, since I tend to reshoot the same photo until I get it right!

  • Hmmm I want to win because I love experimenting with photography! I love my collection of cameras, and this would definitely be a lovely new addition 😀

  • What a cool camera. I found my Polaroid cameras as I was packing up to move but was unfortunately able to bring them to BC from Ontario. So they're in storage 🙁 I'd love to shoot with one of these bad boys!

  • Ever since I got my Polaroid Land Camera off Craigslist a few months ago, I have been obsessed with instant photography! I love the unpredictability of it! I would use this camera on my road trip back to PA this summer. I live in Minneapolis now, but I'm planning a road trip home in August with my brother. Would be super fun to have this camera to capture the sights!

  • Gah! Neat! I'm one of those people that wanted to get into photography some time ago and ended up getting a REALLY nice camera. I still use it to this day, but I had to look up everything because I had no idea what the settings were haha 🙂 I have no regrets, and I'd love to learn more! Your camera collection is always so amazing to look at!

  • It would be lovely to try a new type of film camera! My unpredictable Holga is great, but I would love to grow my collection and grow as a photographer!

  • I LOVE Lomography! Years ago I bought one of their 120mm cameras, (I can't recall the name) and I loved it. I haven't used it in a while, though. I also have one of the fisheye 35mm, that one was fun too. Maybe I'll start using them again… Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • One of one of my favorite activities is that of flanerie, wandering urban spaces armed my senses and a camera, cataloging the little eccentricities of the streets so many people wander every day. Instant film makes for a more transitory moment, something that cannot be replicated, captured only once.

  • I use a my smartphone camera every day to frame the perfect little moments I find flaneuring around the city I live in. Using instant film would lend a more transitory nature to my photos, capturing moments which could be captured but the once, escaping replication.:)

  • I'd love to have this sweet camera! I've got a few older instant cameras that, sadly, don't work, and it's kind of discouraging. I've always thought about buying one like this, but I can't seem to pull the trigger. It helps that this one has an adorable leaf print!

  • Hi Kaylah,
    I’ve never used an instant camera before but after your posts, I’m anxious to try. It looks like fun! Why do you suppose things didn’t always turn out like you expected? Under or over-exposed? Blurry? Strange colors from the filters? Just curious. I’ve noticed another new instant camera on the market – the Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera. I hope you get to review it sometime. It looks interesting.
    Thanks for being you 🙂

    • It really just depended on the photo but it was mostly exposure related. Some turned out over exposed, while others were under. Kind of like no matter what ya did or how much thought you put into it it was never quite right. Definitely had the best luck outside in bright light though!

  • I have one of their camera and it is a bit of a challenge but a great one! The colors are always a thrill to play with, especially when I think I planned it out great and it's nothing like what I thought but even better! It would be great to get this one because I have a problem taking my film to get developed, worst habit ever! Instant is totally the way to go 👻

  • How cute is the Honolulu design! I would love to try the new instant lomography camera 🙂 specially the multiple or long exposures, it has to be so much fun to play around. The Klaus picture with the abandoned building is such a good shot, love also the first one with the kids! Thanks for the chance Kaylah – oh! and totally guilty as well of playing against lomo rules, I need to plan shots specially with film, ha!

  • Sorry to sound selfish but I would totally keep this camera for myself. I would take lots and lots of flower photos because flowers = my favorite. I would, however, let lots of folks borrow it if they wanted! For an only child I sure can share my stuff… 🙂

  • This camera sounds like so much fun! I love the look of lomography photos, and if I won, I'd probably end up using it to take a gazillion photos of my new puppy. 🙂

  • oh wow! just cute and so many tools to figure out my style! I did a lot of photography in college, but have just stuck to mostly my iPhone the last couple of years, which isn't as fun as physical film! I think if i won or even went out and got my own that i would really get back into the fun and advantage of photography again and feel the 19 year old gal inside me giggle!

  • So neat! I've followed them on Tumblr for the longest time, so it would be so fun to join this community as an active member and not just an observer. Cool partnership!!

  • This looks so interesting and perfect for a Father's Day gift for my husband. He is a camera/photography buff and I know he'd love to play with this, especially as we will attend a family reunion this summer in Minnesota.

  • We sell a similar camera at the bookstore I work at & I keep eyeballing it, but I haven't been able to afford it due to tuition, so I think it's amazing that you're partnering up for a giveaway with them. It's nice to see you partnering with such a great company that also supports something that you're passionate about. Thank you for everything you do, Kaylah. You've inspired me to blog and now I've been doing it for over three years. (:


  • This looks so cute! I would definitely keep it for myself 🙂 I think it would be fun to have instant pictures for when we travel because I'm always kicking myself for not taking a picture of the little everyday things when those are the things I think most fondly of later.

  • I would definitely keep the camera so I can this on to my collection of toy cameras and instax cameras. It is so gorgeous and I would love to use it during the summer on adventures in California!

  • I am such a big fan of the lomo cameras! They have been a bit forgotten in my study this year, but summer is a great chance to go back to pictures. Instant pictures of my niece and nephew on the pool would be awesome… And with my baby on the way maybe his/her first picture could be an instant photo! 😀

  • Yes! I've wanted one of these ever since it came out. I love the idea of instant cameras and with all the modern functions attached to it, it just seems like a dream! I generally use my film cameras for landscapes, but I think I would use this camera to capture nice candid moments between people.

  • I've been willing to buy the Lomo Instant from the kickstarter campain but everything was sold out. Afterwards I went to the only Lomographyshop in Antwerp. What a bummer: everything sold out quickly. I've waited a bit to buy it only until I had enough money but as a student it isn't that easy to gain money haha. I really hope I could win this one! It'll be also the first time
    I win a competition haha. I would love to take some shots of my summer as i go to several festivals, on a holiday to Florence and working at Tommorowland.

  • I have never had a instamatic camera before but I have a passion for photography and regularly use film cameras and expired disposable cameras to get some really cool shots… Having this camera would be a new challenge but from the looks of it a rewarding one 😊

  • I would keep it, for sure! I've always wanted an instant!
    And I would use it for anything and everything. Fun trips into the city, birthday parties, maybe even organizing my house(I've seen people take pictures of their shoes and stick them to the boxes for instance).

  • Eep! Thanks to both you and Lomography for this lovely giveaway. There's nothing I can say that is any better or more inspiring than what others have said, but I enter in hope �� I would use it to capture memories and adventures with my friends, and the loveliness I see in my beautiful South Africa.

  • I used to have an old pink Polaroid camera. I love photography and would love the opportunity to take photos with this camera! Thanks for the opportunity! good luck everyone!

  • Very exciting! I have a LOMO Diana currently. This camera looks amazing and I would love to mess around with instant film. This could be the start of something great!! 😀

  • I've been looking into a instax and lomography camera for so long, I just haven't made the big purchase. I think this would be so much fun for my daughter and I on hiking trips, she's 6 and loves to take photos!

  • I have been wanting a polaroid for a veryyyyyy long time even though I got 4 film cams at home already hahaha. I love experimenting and having fun with cameras. Isn't that what's lomography about? Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  • I do consider myself quite sweet but not so sweet that I'd give this beauty away.
    I do still use film cameras and I love to see my results after developing (even all the imperfections). It's always handy to pop a camera in your bag because you just never know what you could see that day.
    Thank you Kaylah and Lomography

  • So cute. I really want to take some sort of instant camera with me on my trip to Iceland this winter and this might be a top contender. It looks so easy to use!

  • ah! this camera sounds absolutely incredible. I've used my fair share of film cameras but I've never had an instant camera. I adore using my friends' though, so it would be fantastic to get my hands on this amazing camera!
    this giveaway is so inspiring, thanks to both you and Lomography!!

  • I love old cameras! In college I took some black and white photography classes, where I used an ancient old manual camera that my dad had gotten while he served in Vietnam! It was so much fun developing photos in the dark rooms at the studio! I don't live near a dark room studio anymore, but I still love photography all the same! 🙂

  • I would probably be super selfish and keep the camera for myself. I used to work in a photomat at the mall and once a customer gave me a Polaroid 1000 land camera but I ended up donating it when I moved to Montreal, which I am kicking myself for.

  • If I won, I would keep the camera as it brings back memories of my old Polaroid that I used for everything. I used to take pictures out in nature mostly, but now I'd love to use it for capturing memories with friends and family, as well as for more artistic purposes. Nowadays it is all about digital, but film is so nostalgic and meaningful.

  • Hi Kaylah! I Love your Lomo'Instant shots. I would love to win this camera! I have made it my goal to make a photo journal of my travels and daily life for the next year in an awesome leather bound book. I did the 365 photo project in 2015 and find it sad having so many photos stuck on a hard drive somewhere. This would be a great camera to insert all the little lomo pics in the pages along with some graphic art. (I could even send you a photo via snail mail once it's done) Thanks for offering this Giveaway! Keep up the awesome Blogging! 🙂 Nikki.

  • I live in Honolulu but I travel all over and I've been wanting to have something more tangible from the places I visit… like real photos!! This is perfect for a travel-phile but photography-phobe like me 🙂

  • Lomo instant of my dreams! It looks amazing. I haven't had an instant camera since my Spice Girls polaroid died years ago. Oh the cute things I could snap with this 🙂 xo

  • I absolutely love candid photography and I can remember having my first and only polaroid camera when I was 11 years old. I still have so many pointless "through the eyes of an 11 year old" polaroids but I'd love to have one now. I'm going on holiday this summer and would LOVE to have a different camera to play around with. Great competition opportunity and best of luck to everyone!

  • Well,I want to win because I'm obsessed with this camera since I saw this post 😀 Honolulu Edition looks just amazing! Propably someone designed it thinking of me 😛 I already think about what I'll wear to fit to this little beauty 🙂 And I want to shoot eeeeeeeeverythiiiiing <3 <3 <3

  • I haven't heard about this camera until this post! What a cool idea. I've always loved instant cameras and all the options on this camera seem like so much fun. I really love the idea of taking long exposures with instant film 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • I have a instax mini camera now and really love the shots it takes, but have been wanting to expand my "photography" skills. I want to get into actually planning and creating shots that are cool. Though my instax mini is a popular one at parties. In fact, we have some friends moving away so at their going away party I took three rolls of film and shot pictures all night then gave the couple all the pics to take with them on their move! I love how physical pictures can be so special these days. 🙂

  • It's definitely a difficult camera to use and you have to think about everything. I've not really gotten any great shots from it yet, but I think I want to give the Lomo'Instant Wide a go as I've always preferred the Instax Wide film to the Mini. x

    Erin | BEING ERIN

  • I have always wanted a Lomo camera. This one is so cute! I'd undoubtedly use it mostly for photographing my cat, but it would be fun to take hiking and camping this summer too!

  • What a fun giveaway! I love the cute palm print. I have a couple different Lomo Diana cameras and have had a lot of fun shooting with them in college. This reminds me to put down the DSLR and film it up again. 🙂

  • I'd love to immortalize the last moments I spend with my friend before changing school, and juste have an entire wall with pictures and moments past with the people I love. It is a great giveaway 😉

  • What an excellent giveaway! I'm fairly new to photography, and would love a camera that didn't require perfectionism to play around with. 🙂 And it would be excellent for day trips with friends!

  • Howdy! I'd love to win this camera, because over the past year I've really gotten into photography and playing around with different film! But I have yet to use a camera like this! Being able to have a physical copy of picture is always fun!! and it's such a cute camera! My boyfriend is actually from Honolulu!

  • I think the unpredictability of he camera is what appeals most to me. It's like a photo booth when you're not sure how bright the flash is going to be on you, how the background looks, who's in the photo, etc. This would be so much fun to have!

  • I would love to have this while studying abroad. A fun way to remember what will no doubt be the best year of my college experience. Learning to take pictures with this during my time in 2017's city of culture would be such a grand experience

  • I would definitely keep this camera for myself and would take it on my trips abroad or simply on walks in my town, or when going out with my friends. The photos I would print, I would use for making postcards for my family and friends. I suppose this camera would be for all of us 🙂

  • I'm enchanted with Instax photos. I have a white Instax 8 camera but I'm not completely satisfied with it. It's very difficult to make photos of monuments or landscapes when the sun is shining. I want my Instax photography to be better and better but I noticed that with my camera It's almost impossible. I would love to have the Lomo'instant Honolulu camera – after your review I am sure I would have more possibilities with it. I wanted to create a community of Instax lovers on Facebook – I even created a Page called Instaxoholics but I haven't been publishing on it for a while. This giveaway is a motivation to get back to it!!! Thanks!!!

  • I've been interested in purchasing an instant camera for a while now. This one is so cute! I would love to use this camera to start getting back into photography more. I have a Diana + camera that I need to dust off and use!

  • Hi!
    I would love this to snap wedding photographs of the 5 weddings I am going to this year! I have wanted a Polaroid since my grandad showed me his old instamatik from years ago. I hope I win!! Fingers crossed!! Colette Xxxx

  • Thanks for this awesome competition! I would take this super adorable camera to Japan with me on my delayed honeymoon. We are going in October for our first anniversary and I'd love to see how Tokyo looks through the lens of the Lomo'Instant!

  • Awesome giveaway, I'd definitely keep that baby. I can only imagine the cool effects that it would offer. I have an instax wide right now but wish it had the ability to do multiple exposures. This camera sounds like it is a lot more versatile and would be a lot of fun to play around with. I just bought a Holga lens for my Nikon – the photos are so eerie and dreamy, I'd imagine the photos of this camera would have the same qualities. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Great blog and great post 🙂

  • This would definitely be a fun camera to take with me on my hikes and road trips to add a sort of spontaneous look to my photos. It's a good reminder not everything needs to be perfectly planned to be visually appealing. Would love to give this little guy a try!

  • Very easy question, I would like to shoot my everyday life and therefore I want to own it 🙂 And other reason – I´ll have my birthday in two weeks 🙂 views are so unique and stylish as well 🙂

  • I've never really grasped the Lomography trend, I think because it's really dang hard to process film nowadays but an instant version, especially one that processes film that so readily available more than has by vote! Plus this one is so beautiful! :O

  • Oh gosh, there isn't anything cuter than shooting with an instant camera. I love taking pictures of people and see their faces light up when the photo comes right out. They get even brighter when i give them the picture. It's great to capture good memories for myself and others. I had an instant camera myself but sadly it broke. I just miss making these pictures so much! (I even send one of my pup to you by mail) That's why i would love to own one of these again.

  • Haven't heard about this new lomo camera yet and so in love <3 I own an holga and love it but the looks of this camera is wayyyy beautiful.
    I'd bring it on my travels (next: going to Scotland and Ireland) and shoot nature, people, animals, houses, pubs and nice deco in caffes and restaurants. This way for sure I'd have printed pictures to look back. You always say I'm gonna print out my digital photos but actually you never do.

  • I love this giveaway! I haven't had an instant camera in years & would love to use it to photograph hidden places in my hometown, my ever-growing-ever-changing nephew, Hugo & my cats, of course! Plus, this camera is just a DREAM to look at!