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Last year was my first year in this apartment with it’s cozy little second floor porch. When the weather warmed up, I moved my plants that weren’t looking so hot outside since my office was getting crowded. Much to my surprise, they thrived. After that I ended up moving the rest of my plants outside as well. Everything flourished! On top of that I learned to propagate. It’s safe to say, last year was a good year for me as a gardener. I grew a lot of plants, and I learned a lot about those plants.

Ohio winters are cold, duh!, so all my plants had to come in for the year when the temperatures started to drop again. Almost everything survived the season but they were definitely suffering the consequences of less light. A lot of them had grown dull and leggy. I was anxiously awaiting the day I could trim everything back, pluck off leaves for propagation, and get my plants their color back.

Well, summer weather has officially hit here in Cleveland. With temperatures in the 80’s, this is the perfect weather for my plants. I finally kinda sorta organized my little collection and thought it’d be fun to share some photos of them at the beginning of the season. Plants change so drastically over a season but it happens so slowly that if you’re checking them every single day you might not notice. That’s the number one reason I take so many photos of my plants. I mean, other than the fact that they’re gorgeous. It’s encouraging to be able to compare two photos and see how big they’re getting. So here’s what they’re starting off June looking like…

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Right after I took everything outside we got a few big rains which I’m pretty sure killed a handful of the leaves I had laid out to propagate. It’s a bummer but not all that big of a deal considering how many others I have growing. I seriously have more leaves than I can shake a stick at. If you’re in the CLE area and would like to trade some babies, by all means holler! We can get coffee and swap succulents!

Other than that, in the short amount of time they’ve been outside everything seems to be really perking up. They LOVE the sunshine and I sure love the variety of colors I’ve got going on out there. I kind of wish I had a better way to display everything other than on my only table and a side table but since I’m hoping *fingers crossed so hard* to move before summer’s end I don’t really want to invest in anything I might not be able to use in another apartment. Things will get even more out of hand once some of my babies get a little larger too. Oh well, it’s not going to stop me from growing even more plants, and purchasing interesting ones I stumble upon.

Last year I shared a similarly title post, on the deck, with photos of what I had growing at the time. You can spot a lot of the same plants from that post in this one, although many of the succulents are unrecognizable due to me stealing their leaves to grow more plants. One in particular I find interesting is the big cactus. I didn’t realize just how much that thing had grown! I’m considering transplanting it to it’s own pot since it’s doing SO well.

Other than all these crazy plants, I’m also growing some herbs which are gosh darn life changing. Fresh basil is the bomb dot com. I’m basically putting it on everything I cook. It’s so delicious and I swear food tastes twice as good when you know that something you grew yourself is in it. What are you guys growing this year?

I’m sure I’ll be back next month, or sooner, with an update on these guys. Hope you’re prepared for a summer of succulent photos!

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To see more photos of my plant collection browse the “plants” tag or follow me on instagram. I recently started using the hashtag #kaylahheartsplants.
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  • I'm going to have to plan where I'm going to put all mine, since I feel like leaving them outside in this Texas heat/intense downpours will kill all of mine! Thankfully I'll soon have a nice covered back patio that should be perfect! I love all your succulents! So many different types!!

  • Wish I was close to you so we could swap babies!
    Your collection is looking amazing! I am not feeling too sure about the idea of putting my plants outside, but maybe I'll try it out.

    • I've actually found that to grow steadily, and be healthy they require approximately just as much water as the rest of my houseplants. The difference is that succulents sometimes just take a lot longer to show the effects where with a regular plant you'll get immediate signs like droopy leafs.

  • Your plants look great! Just curious, do you leave them out when it rains? I bring all mine inside when it rains because I'm afraid of them being overwatered, but it's getting kind of old because of this unpredictable Tennessee weather!

    • It depends on what kind of rain it is, and how much rain we've gotten recently.

      Nice two hour rain? Just means I don't have to water!
      Something a little longer? I might move some of the more delicate ones under the table so they 're not getting rained on anymore.
      Torrential downpour? They're coming inside.

      Everything I've read suggests that watering thoroughly, so that all the soil is wet but the water drains out, is the way to go so a good rain just means I don't have to carry plants to the sink to bring lots of water to them!

  • I love seeing your plant collection! I visited the Botanical Garden here today, and the cactus and succulents were by far my favorite. That big cactus you've got is so pretty! I unfortunately did not inherit my dad's green thumb, but your collection is so inspiring and anytime I see it I want to try my hands at it. That's exciting about the fresh basil too! Yum!!!

  • Your plants are so lovely! How do you keep the bugs away? When I put my succulent garden outside they just became food, even despite insecticide. I used a homemade recipe, so maybe that's where I went sideways?

    Anyways. Lovely plants, lovely post šŸ™‚