Friday Favorites #410

Loving these witchy hand key chains!

(via: Leider Leather)

A very relatable patch.

(via: ambivalently yours)

I just can’t bring myself to put down a door mat that isn’t friendly but if I had to choose a grumpy one it’d be this one.

(via: jimbobart)

Paint by number post cards! There is also an office supply themed set too if thats more your thing!

(via: Robert Mahar + Hannah Berman)

I literally have no reason to have a bottle opener but you guyssss this one is a beetle!!

(via: Perpetual Kid)

Cute little cactus candles.

(via: Ornerx)

I am dying over these overalls. They’re so amazing! I would wear the heck out of those babies.

(via: Urban Outfitters)

I own the kitty version of this already but the pup version deserves to be shared too.


Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream so obviously I like these socks but it’s the packaging that really gets me here.

(via: Animi Causa)

I wouldn’t necessarily consider these shoes my style but holy smokes, I love them! I feel like they’d look really rad with the overalls I featured above.

(via: Vans)

Link love…

Happy Friday!


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