what I wore : blue + brown

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I’m thinking these might be my last outfit photos with bright green hair. (Extra emphasis on ‘bright’ because I’ll probably have another with my currently faded color) If I say that I have to do it, right? That’s half the reason I’m writing it, to be honest. I’ve been rocking this green hair for over a year which is definitely a record for me. I love it and I usually stick with the saying ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’ But touching up my hair isn’t all that fun anymore. It’s a chore. I’m no longer excited about my green hair as often as I feel like I should be which means it’s time to move on. My roots are pretty long right now and the idea of bleaching them and just slopping on some green dye feels boring.

I’m nervous though because I know I’ll miss it. I remember someone commenting years ago that I could pull off all the colors they’d seen me in but no one can pull off green and then in my head I was ‘Oh yeah? Watch this.’ Green kind of feels like my natural hair color at this point. It suits me wonderfully, and I really dig being a swamp princess.

I guess I should order some dye today if I really want to do this. What color combination do you think I should do next? I’m honestly not sold on a color yet.

glasses – Raglan via Warby Parker
dress – Marshalls (similar)
belt – Modcloth
pin – catshroom by Pony People
cardigan – Charter School Cardigan via Modcloth
boots – ankle boots via Top Moda

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    • That’s my other natural color! I just wish that orange and green were easier to switch between.

      No, I haven’t! I think thats basically the one color I haven’t done at some point. I’d like to though.

  • I love the vivid deep pink with blue and green in the layers underneath. I love vivid colors. There is a picture but I don’t know how to put it here.
    Your hair is always so shiny and healthy. You could give lessons to hairdressers!!!
    Can’t wait to see which direction you decide to go. 🙂

    Shine on Warrior Princess! 🙂

    • Thats one of my favorites too!! I would love to do that again but I’m not sure how it’d look with longer hair. I think the cut I had at the time really helped sell those colors!

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Hi, Kaylah! I noticed that I wasn’t seeing any updates on my blogger feed and worried that you’d stopped blogging! Glad to see you just changed the organisation/url slightly. I’ve been following for years and always look forward to your posts. 🙂

  • I used to dye my hair all sorts of colors and green was my favorite! It’s such a great color when you call pull it off. At the time, I also felt like colored hair was so popular (pink hair, lavender hair, etc.) that green was the only color left for me to make a statement (like its a statement color even for unnatural colored hair). Green hair is seriously the best, electric blue is second in my list.

    I stopped dying my hair unnatural colors five years ago (only to having the urge back again two years later), It was too much time and too much money. I was tired of touching up my roots, having faded hair, having unhealthy hair, tired of doing it all by myself. eheh.

    I remember when I found your blog ages ago, you were like my favourite internet person! Once I remember you tried to dye your hair brown and it turned a greenish/brownish color. I was like: OMG nooo, don’t dye your hair a “normal” color! For me brown hair was the worst color I could have at that time, which seems so weird to me now.

    Anyway, I don’t remember what I initially wanted to say with my comment. ahaha. I just think there isn’t a color more bold than green. You could do a blue and green color combo, you had that a while ago and it was beautiful. Or you could try a unusual color combo like: purple and green!

    • I totally get that. There are some colors, like pink for sure, that kind of feel like beginners colors.That was my first… and it was a hot mess. 😛

      Hahaha. I just remembered that brown/green fiasco the other day. Gosh, I’m so glad that brown didn’t turn out. I always threaten to go back to natural colors but I know as soon as I did I’d want my bright colors back.

      My only fear with purple and green is that it reminds me of the joker. But for some reason doing that combo does always pop into my mind.