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Let it be known that this is the dress that converted me to a shift dress fan and I think my summers will be 100 times more enjoyable now. You might even say it “shifted” my views. Ba dum tissss. If you hadn’t noticed my dresses are basically all fit and flare. I feel like that’s a super flattering style and it just works on my body. The thing is, it’s miserable in the summer especially when you wear a belt along with it. It’s just so hot having that fabric clinging to you. Even if the rest of you is a decent temperature there’s just this sweaty band around your midsection. That sounds gross but that’s life. I’d basically just stopped wearing dresses in the summer except on cool days and when absolutely necessary. It’s hard to feel cute when you’re sweaty. (Unless that sweat is well earned. I don’t know about you but I feel my best after a good bike ride. I swear my skin looks so much nicer than any other time. Anywaaaay…)

Urban Outfitters has some seriously cute summer dresses right now that I already had my eye on so when they reached out to work together I was like “Yes, pleeease!” I always thought that shift dresses weren’t for me … then I tried this one on! I was drawn to the pattern but was a little nervous about the style. Like I said, it’s not a cut I would normally gravitate toward. Well, after putting it on I literally twirled my way out of the fitting room to show my mom who agreed it looked darn good! It’s so breezy. Despite not coming in at the waist like I thought I “needed”, I feel like it looks super cute. It even has a cutout on the back which I love. It’s basically the ultimate summer dress! Plus black and white always look amazing with my hair color.

Also, how long did it take you to spot the elephants on this dress? I thought it was just squiggles but when I tried on the dress for Jeff he immediately said “cute elephant dress!” I was like “…wait. what?! nuh uh!” Now I can see them clear as day! I’m almost embarrassed I didn’t spot them right away.

dress – Silence + Noise Shift Dress
cardigan – BDG Parker Cardigan
backpack – Fjallraven Kanken Mini
bootsPalladium Boots
all c/o Urban Outfitters.

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