Friday Favorites #420

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Bone stickers!

(via Erin Greenough)

I still think Nicole from writes like a girl is the absolute cutest and I ADORE that shirt!

(via Writes Like A Girl)

These new glasses from Warby Parker are so darn pretty! PS Don’t forget they have a rad at home try-on program!!

(via Warby Parker)

Love this bra and undies set!

(via Garden of Delight Shop)

These globe lights! Love ’em!

(via Urban Outfitters)

I really love Beetle Ink Co.’s style! There were so many items I wanted to feature, you should probably just go check out the whole shop.

(via Beetle Ink Co)

I know it’d only take a few days for me to absolutely destroy this white rug but I’m still tempted by it. It’s so pretty.

(via Petek Design)

How adorable is this shirt?!

(via Modcloth)

Eye anatomy print.

(via Made Au Gold)

You guys, this week… I tried on my first romper. AND I LOOK SO DARN CUTE. I will definitely be shooting outfit photos in it very soon. I’m now hunting for more because holy easy breezy outfit! I dig this one, it’s so simple and could easily be dressed up with a cute cardigan or just worn as is!

(via Amazon)

Words to live by.

(via Yay For Friends)

This pattern which I have been obsessed with for in bedding form is now available as curtains!! Ahhh! These would be amazing in my office.

(via Urban Outfitters)

Link love…

  • I love these flatforms!
  • If you missed it, there is a new round of limited edition pouches. Find the full details here.
  • If you’ve been looking for a cute incense holder – I found it for you!
  • This little dining set is perfect for a small apartment.
  • Do you guys like gummy bears? Because I found THE BEST GUMMY BEARS EVERRR. I had them for the first time on a plane recently and actually came home and immediately bought a five pound bag. They’re so tasty. The bag is almost gone! Mostly because of Jeff but I can’t deny that I put a dent in it too!
  • These rainbow drinking glasses are so awesome!

Happy Friday!


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  • If you like gummy candy you should try the Scandinavian Swimmers from Trader Joe’s! more like a Swedish fish but still BANGIN and no weird dyes (Also get the mocha joe joe’s. Currently my favorite cookie we sell!)

  • In case you are in a road tripping mood. The Albanese Candy Factory is in Indiana just outside of Chicago, definitely within road trip access. They have a factory tour, a giant chocolate fountain, and you can make mixes with just the flavors you like in the gummy bears. They also have a ton of other great nostalgic candy. And a good chocolate shop. If you like malt balls, theirs are almost the size of golf balls!

    • I’m ALWAYS in a road tripping mood! πŸ˜›

      I had no idea their factory was so close. I’ve never been on a factory tour, maybe this will have to be my first! πŸ™‚