project 365 : days 156 – 162

156 : 365 It was super foggy so I headed to the beach get some photos, and ended up building a little fort from driftwood.

wendy park, cleveland, beach fort,

157 : 365 Klaus and I took a walk and picked some wildflowers.

158 : 365 Hello! I bought a curling wand with a slightly larger barrel than the one I had already. I’m super pleased with the results. My hair is getting so darn long. I love it.

159 : 365  Professor demonstrating how I feel about missing a day of Project 365. (Technically this photo is from the next day.)

160 : 365 My colorful mess of a desk.

161 : 365 Woke up at 4:45 am to spend the morning exploring. I have more photos to share later this week.

162 : 365 Mud puppy! My parents have a big pond. At its deepest it’s maybe chest high on me, and totally perfect for dogs to play in. Klaus though? He prefers the one corner that is full of muck and smells like death. He won’t play in the water anywhere but this gross area. I’m honestly just happy to see him playing in the water though. I’ll make a water dog out of him, even if it takes a million years!

Happy Monday! Hope y’all have a beautiful start to your week!

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