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A few weeks ago the professional styling product brand NuMe emailed me to ask if I’d like to try out one of their curling wands. I’ve never really used any sort of heat styling on my hair. Its incredibly resistant to style, it just wants to be straight so it kind of seemed like a lost cause. I’d heard lots of good things about curling wands though so I happily accepted the offer figuring worst case scenario would be me having to email them to explain it just wasn’t working for my hair. Spoiler alert: I end up LOVING this curling wand…

NuMe has a variety of different wands available. I was a little confused at first just because they sell two main kinds, magic and classic, and they don’t make it abundantly clear what the differences are. The big thing is that they are made from different materials, one is titanium and the other tourmaline. From my research (a response on their facebook page) I gathered that the classic wand is better for fine hair, and the magic for thick or hard to curl hair. Either way, both types of wands claim to offer damage free styling. I ended up choosing the 25mm classic wand, which for my desired look was the perfect choice.

The curling wand comes with a heat resistant glove, that as you can see from the photo up there, I don’t use. I tried using it the first few times but realized that it made separating my hair into small sections
too hard. The wand is incredibly hot, 400°F, so you have to be careful – even if you do choose to wear the glove. So far the only burn I’ve gotten was on my shoulder …yeah, I wasn’t wearing a shirt so I probably deserved that one.

In my recent how I style my hair post, which I finished writing just as I got this thing in the mail or else it would have been included, I listed my daily hair products. When I’ll be using the curling wand I just use Pantene Pro-V Smooth Heat Protecting Spray and Hask Placenta with the addition of argan oil. The first two products go in my hair while it’s still damp and get combed through the whole length. The argan oil oil gets smoothed only on the ends after it’s dry and right before I begin to curl. The photo above is actually a really good example of what it looks like when you use too much argan oil. It’s not greasy but it is piece-y.  Figures I’d do that on the day I took these photos, right?

Starting with dry hair (the directions on the packaging make it very clear your hair cannot be damp!) I separate my hair off into two main sections, top and bottom, and start curling. I curl the bottom layer of my hair first then the top which I let down in small sections. Despite never having used a curling wand before I found the whole process super simple to pick up on. I’ve been getting quicker and quicker each time I use it so now it takes approximately the same amount of time to use this than it did for me to put my hair up in curlers. You don’t even need to hold the hair on the barrel very long at all, like ten seconds!

After I get my whole head of hair curled and it’s cooled down, I run my fingers through the curls just to separate them a bit and shake my hair out. I spritz a little hairspray on my bangs (which I still curl with this curling iron) and I’m good to go! The curls last all day!! The funny thing is that in the past when I shot outfit photos I had to make sure I had done my hair within a few hours of when I wanted to shoot or else my hair would be too flat. It was one of those things you’re self conscious about despite knowing it’s not a big deal, you know what I’m talking about? Now I don’t even have to think twice about my hair if I’ve used the curling wand. My hair looks voluminous all day. It’s seriously the best feeling!

green hair
Look you can see through my nose! Hah!

So final thoughts? I’M OBSESSED. I try not to use the wand every day simply because heat styling makes me nervous but it’s hard to resist. With this wand, I have my dream hair. For me to be able to have curls that last all day, and are still there when I wake up the next day is really something! I honestly have no complaints at all, I just wish this thing came into my life sooner!!

NuMe’s curling wands are available in a variety of different places including Ulta (online only), Amazon, and their official website. Prices vary greatly, for some strange reason, with their website being the most expensive. As of right now, Amazon is the cheapest if you want to give one of these bad boys a whirl. Don’t forget to grab some argan oil as well!

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