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A few years ago I was really good at documenting my hair dye adventures. I always made an effort to take before and after photos, and write down what colors I used. Eventually I kind of got stuck in a rut where I was doing the same colors in rotation every few months. I guess it just didn’t seem like it was worth the time to document it. Looking back I definitely wish I had taken photos of the colors while they were fresh and typed out what dyes I used.

Yellow is a completely new color for me. In the ten plus years I’ve been dyeing my hair – this is a first! It’s the only color I hadn’t done yet. Clearly, it’s not pure yellow but that is without a doubt the main color. I’ve got a bunch of photos for you here today, as well as a little bit about the process from green to yellow.

above – 5/31. Fresh green + blue hair.

below – 6/25. No dye applied since the photo above. I had been rinsing with hot water, and using this mask to condition and purposely fade the color. On one hand I feel like “wow, it faded a ton” and on the other like “dang, that color really stuck around!” Either way, it faded beautifully. If it weren’t for my roots, I’d have probably rocked that color for a lot longer.

above – 7/2. Immediately after bleaching. I was shocked to see how blue my hair was still. Part of me wanted to dye it green again but I had already purchased an abundance of yellow dyes. I presumed it would turn out mostly green after adding the yellow.

below -7/3. After dyeing + styling. I couldn’t believe just how yellow it turned out after I failed so hard to get the blue out.

the dainty squid hair, green hair, yellow hair, sunshine hair

To be 100% honest, this is not my best dye job. The blue that was in the bottom layer of my hair when it was green ended up looking pretty rad with the yellow on top of it. It turned a beautiful light green. I wasn’t planning on keeping any green in my hair but it ended up working out pretty well. I enjoy the yellow to green fade I’ve got going on. It makes the transition a little bit easier on me. Even though I’ve been dyeing my hair bright colors for all of my adult life, its still a bit of a shock each time I change colors.

There was one spot that apparently either got missed when I applied the bleach or had a lot of blue in it on accident from when I dyed my hair back at the end of May. Sooo there was a spot in the middle of my beautiful yellow that was green. I was very self conscious of it the first week or so.

As I always try to mention in any posts I write about hair, half the fun of dyeing your hair is the adventure. I never really know what it’s going to look like when I start. Ya win some, ya lose some. Not that this is even a loss because it looks way rad and I’ve been able to fix up the splotch by essentially painting the hair around it so it’s a natural looking darker area instead of just a spot.

I only used one dye for this which is also a first for me. I’m usually the master of dye mixing! I decided to try a brand completely new to me – Arctic Fox. Cosmic Sunshine was the color I choose. Even now I feel like it’s too early to form a complete opinion on it since the fade time will play a factor but first impressions were definitely good. It smells nice, applied easily, and hasn’t given me any issues with staining my hands or clothing. So far, so good!

arctic fox cosmic sunshine

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay yellow but I’m certainly glad to have finally pulled away from green. I still can’t believe I kept a hair color for that long! I feel like I’ve got the color changing bug again.





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  • I dyed my hair rainbow about a month ago and I am fairly certain that the yellow will never leave! Ha ha! Enjoy being mellow yellow!

  • The yellow is amazing 🙂 Like you, yellow is the ONE color I have not tried yet!

    I just tried Arctic Fox to redo my green for the first time this weekend, Phantom Green, and so far it’s holding up. It’s a LOT more yellow green than the usual blue greens that are out now. That said, I still haven’t found “the” green dye that I am absolutely in love with.

    I really enjoyed your multi-color hair adventures 🙂

  • Oh wow I’m impressed how rich a yellow you got given how much of the blue/green stayed in! Nice! I’ve never tried Arctic Fox but I might need to. The only pink I used was Special Effects Atomic Pink (it sure lives up to its name…) and I tried Ion Color Brilliance and wasn’t a fan. There’s my (pink) 2 cents for ya! haha!

  • I’m such a fan of your blog, I check in all the time. This hair is working for you! Oh my Goodness, I absolutely love how bright yellow it is on top it just highlights everything else!! It is perfect! Missed your hair posts, glad to see they are back!

  • Arctic Fox it’s my favorite brand! The yellow is soooo potent and it’s warmer than either of the ones manic panic puts out. Congrats on going yellow, it’s certainly the most eye catching color! 💛💛

  • Your hair looks AMAZE.

    But I came over specifically to thank you for continuing to create my favorite blog out there. It’s consistently a great balance of fun, quirky, beautiful and personal – hard standards to meet year after year,

    I used to have a ton of favorite blogs, back when the blogging scene first blew up and everyone was having fun with it. But most of them petered out. I really enjoy reading yours and I hope you stick with it for a long time to come!


  • That color looks so awesome on you! I really love how it well it goes with the green too. I’ve tried arctic fox, it looked good, and smelled great! But the color didn’t stick around very long.