August Goals

July Goal Recap

  • Stay ahead! I didn’t do this goal as well as I had hoped but without a doubt I was more ahead than I have been in recent times. This is definitly a goal I’d like to keep working on.
  • Dye my hair. Yes, ma’am! I said goodbye to green, and hello to yellow! I’ve already got the itch to dye my hair again too. I actually feel a little bit uncomfortable with yellow. (Read more about that here.)
  • Keep on pedaling! While I didn’t get as many miles in as I did last month, I got out there a lot more than last year at this time. There were quite a few evenings spent cruising around the city on bikes. I’m still swooning over these photos.

August Goals

  • Learn to french braid my own hair. Growing my hair to a length it hasn’t been in twenty plus years is something I’m really proud of. Throwing it up in a ponytail nearly every day is something I’m not proud of. There were a few days earlier this summer where I had Jeff braid my hair (sooo cute!) and instantly felt so much more put together than when my hair is just in a ponytail. The thing is he’s not very consistent and of course, he’s not home all the time to do my hair. Ya girl needs to learn to be self sufficient. If you guys have any tutorials that helped you learn – leave me a link!
  • Update blog photos. It’s amazing how quickly photos feel out of date, especially after you dye your hair. I want to go through the whole TDS website, and update all the little things like my about me page, the photo at the end of posts that says “author”, etc. There is so much of that stuff to fix up. It’s so easy to do yet so time consuming.
  • Celebrate the heck out of my birthday month! Tomorrow is my birthday! Woo! I always celebrate my birthday month. The whooole month. Bring on the bike rides, the ice cream, the adventures, and the milking of the phrase “but it’s my birthday month!” as an excuse to why we should do something.

How about you? What do you want to accomplish this month?

PS You spotted my spider pal in those photos, right?

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  • Oh man, I am a french braid ninja when it comes to other people’s hair, but when my hair was long I could never get the hang of doing my own. Good luck and I hope you master it!! That’s so sweet that you got Jeff to do it for you. Awwwww! Reminds me of a video I saw once of Chris Pratt french braiding a girls hair during an interview. So cute.

    My goals this month are to get back on my workout schedule (I’ve been sick for 2 weeks now!), stock my kitchen with cooking supplies and healthy food, and to get settled and comfortable in my new apartment. Also, I’d like to explore my new area and do a TON of stuff on my own. Time to try and get out of my comfort zone more!

    Happy Birthday month!

    • I’m so excited for you and all your new adventures, Mindi! I hope you get back to blogging so I can read all about them. 😉

  • Yes, someone else that celebrates their birthday as much as I do! I love it so much! My birthday is in September and I’ve got so many recipes and DIY projects in mind for that month that are just really “me”.

    I’ve also got a bunch of dinners with friends and outings with my partner planned! I’m so excited. Hopefully it will distract me from realising how quickly time flies these days 😅

  • Tip on french braiding: practice, practice, practice! Seriously, that’s how you get good at it, braid your hair when you’re sitting around in the evenings watching tv or whatever, do this as much as possible until you finally start getting braids that aren’t crazy awful. Also, sometimes it’s fairly easy to hide mistakes with a few well-placed bobby pins. Braiding other peoples hair helps you learn it too but it is different so you really need to practice on yourself the most. Dry hair is much easier to braid than wet hair too, and leaves fewer mistakes. Good luck!