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I’ve been holding on to these photos for quite a few months now. Sadly, I haven’t been doing too much beach combing lately. The last time I went was actually my birthday at the beginning of the month. While there is still more trash than there should be, my favorite spot to hang out is fairly clean in the warmer months. It’s also full of people this time of the year which takes a little bit of the fun out of it. Beach combing is a solitary hobby for me. It’s my way to relax, unwind, and just zone out. It’s a way for me to get out of the house, yet still be alone. I miss it, and am very much looking forward to getting back into the swing of it as soon as the weather cools down a bit.

As I’m sure you’re already aware, I’m a huge fan of colorful arrangements. They’re my favorite to make. The more colors the better, in my opinion. Like this one, my all time favorite! Slowly but surely I’ve been making arrangements of single colors though. Check out blue + green! I eventually would like to do every color so that I can make a photo collage that includes one image of each arrangement of a single color. Today, I present to you, yellow!

plastic pollution, lake erie,

Not too many interesting finds in this color, at least not on the day I made it. I normally try to include unique finds in my arragements, if possible. It’s nice because that really catches people’s attention when they see recognizable items. While drawing attention to the issue of plastic pollution wasn’t my main goal in starting this little hobby, it’s quickly becoming something I’m passionate about so anytime I can create an image that gets people to stop and look is good! Sharing only the recognizable items like dinosaurs, hair clips, army men, etc kind of stinks though because I get comments like “I never find anything cool on my beach!” We shouldn’t really be finding anything made by humans washed up on beaches. I definitely don’t want anyone to think that I have this special beach where only neat things wash up, and it’s a good thing. There are a lot A LOT of random bits and bobs of trash.  This yellow arrangement definitely highlights those. Just lots of shards of broken plastic, and bottle lids for this color. That’s honestly the majority of what’s normally on the beach at any given time.

my favorite find of the day.

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  • That is quite a lot of plastic to find on a beach! I usually just find actual garbage on the beach.. I sure wish people wouldn’t litter! I think using your arrangements to bring awareness about plastic pollution is a great idea 🙂