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hat – Target
sunglasses – Moorea Seal
shirt – 3/4 sleeve top via Target
skirt – denim front button skirt via Target
sandals pansy via Amazon


This is officially the “other side” of my twenties. Well, twenty-six was… and twenty-five probably was too but for some reason I tried to hold on the idea that I wasn’t closer to thirty than twenty. No denying it now. Still a little confused how I’m this old but don’t feel any more like an “adult” though.

I’m hoping that by the time this post goes live I’ll already be outside getting some early morning miles on my bike. Ideally I’ll get twenty-seven miles in today but I might poop out early, and that’s fine too. In previous years I’ve written about how I’m going to do something relaxing but if I’ve learned one thing in all my years it’s that I’m happiest and most satisfied when I’m busy. So I’m going to do my best to make it a full day of bikes, beach, coffee, and food!

Sparklers with my dad, then smoke bombs with both parents. This one with my dad looking down is easily the most flattering of the three of us. Later photos would show us choking. Its incredible how smelly those things are. Probably cut at least six months off my life breathing that stuff in. Happy Birthday though, right?

PS. You should check out my instagram stories for a super cute GIF from this shoot that I wasn’t able to include in this post.

Here’s a peek back at previous year’s birthday outfit posts featuring balloons!  20132014, 2015+ 2016! Some things really never seem to change…


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