Friday Favorites #435

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I absolutely love this shirt. Of course the pattern is good but it’s the cut of it that really wins my heart.

(via Modcloth)

A sweet little mouse to hold your rings.

(via Anthropologie)

It’s time to be hunting for a calendar for the new year! This one is so very pretty.

(via Moorea Seal)

Look at THIS RUG!

(via Urban Outfitters)

Jack by BB Dakota has some really cute coats out right now. I’m way into both of these. (left, right)

(via Jack by BB Dakota)

Need a hand? Well, here’s one to hold your jewelry… or just look cute on your shelf!

(via Moorea Seal)

I am all about this outfit. That sweater looks so cozy and the pattern on the dress is great!

(via LOFT)

I’ve probably featured this pin before, and chances are I’ll probably feature it again but can you really blame me?

(via Ghost Goods)

Pink overalls! SO CUTE. They’d perfectly match my new glasses.

(via ASOS)

Look how cute this kitty welcome mat is!

(via Modcloth)

This handmade thistle brooch is made from leather and I can’t get over how awesome it is.

(via Flower Style)

Link love…

  • Because I’m still light obsessed, here’s a crescent moon shaped lamp. Not sure why the description has to specify “for childen” because I can totally see this looking way rad in multiple places throughout my apartment.
  • This strappy bralette is so cute (and super affordable!)
  • Another adorable bralette!!
  • Friends who collect weird stuff, here’s a really awesomely priced hip model for you! This ear drum model is slightly more expensive but still a great price. I’m only showing you in hopes you’ll buy them and I won’t be tempted…
  • I am LOVING these suspender culottes. I’ve never worn culottes and have no idea if I could even pull them off but this pair makes me want to try them out ASAP.
  • Here’s a police officer costume for your dog. (Okay, you need to go check out the customer review photos. Some dude bought this for his dog and then dressed up as a burglar. Cutest idea ever!)

Happy Friday!

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  • ok, this might sound crazy and super out of left field, but I vaguely remember that you featured this really amazing planner/calendar that was built around they way your brain thinks. So like there was one for a creative type, one for a type A thinker etc. and I have never been able to find it again. It’s driving me crazy. Any way when I saw your calendar in the listing for this Friday Favorites I thought of it again and I thought there was an off chance you remembered posting it (if in fact it was you, it might have been another blog, I’m sorry).
    Other than that, I love everything you post, you have the best eye!

    • Hmmm. I honestly can’t think of anything like that that I’ve ever posted. (I definitely could be wrong though!) Good luck hunting! 🙂

      • Thanks. It’s one of those things I saw, was like “that’s so cool I need to remember to look that up” and then when I did remember to look it up, I forgot WHERE I saw it and I have never seen it again.
        Maybe it was a dream 😛
        Thanks anyway

        • Hah! Well, don’t feel bad, I have definitely dreamed about things and thought they were real. Aaaand if you did make it up, you could totally sell the idea. 😛