project 365 : days 288 – 294

288 : 365 A smiley goob in a cute sweater. Check the full outfit post here.

289 : 365 Pressed fall memories.

290 : 365 Professor and I had a little photoshoot. I’ll save the best for the week of Halloween but for now, here’s a little something to hold you over.

291 : 365 You guys, I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been trying to grow my hair out only to end up cutting it. I’m so incredibly proud of the length it is now. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I’m just shocked how long it’s gotten. I love it so so so much but also somehow feel a little bit disconnected from it, like it’s not actually mine? I don’t know how to explain the feeling. Guess it’s just from having short hair for SO many years. Anyway, I’m way into my hair these days. Also, way into this photo. It’s totally cool for me to make this the main photo on all my social media even though I have my eyes closed, right? Heh.

292 : 365 Got an LED light strip (under 10 bucks right now!) for behind my computer and couldn’t be more tickled about it. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, I can’t believe what a huge difference lighting makes in how cozy your home feels. Read more about the fun lighting I have around the house here.

293 : 365 Some photos I shot for Love, Anji. Putting together those small arrangements on the left is one of my favorite things to do. They’re like the perfect size for on your desk, at least that’s where I always picture people putting them in my head.

The shop has changed so much since I last blogged about it. (Literally so much my old post isn’t even worth linking to!) I really need to share some updated photos of the store. It’s a must visit if you’re coming through Cleveland.

294 : 365 Jeff and I picked up my nephew and headed to my parents to watch the meteor shower on Saturday night. We played with roman candles, sat by the fire and slept in hammocks. It was pretty fun. Ya know, other than Jeff’s hammock, which was above mine, slipping down a few inches in the middle of the night. Sooo he literally just slept right on top of me all night. The big butt claims that he thought I must have been fine since I didn’t make any noise. I was squiiiiished. I woke up sore since I wasn’t able to move much but I see the humor now that I’ve had a good nights sleep. Hehe!

I have such a busy week ahead of me that I am so ready to get started on already. Getting over this hurdle just means I’ll be one week closer to our roadtrip thats coming up at the beginning of the month. I can’t wait. I guess staying busy is the best way to make time fly, right?! Hope your week is off to a great start!

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