a few of my favorite posts 2017 – part one

five of my favorite hair products – I don’t use too many hair products but there are the ones I can’t recommend highly enough!

grow light reviewbecause I can almost guarantee your house plants aren’t getting enough natural light!

five reasons to start geocachingsay ‘hello’ to your new favorite hobby!

fun lighting must-haves! – LEDs behind the TV and uh… a toilet light!!!

five products to help combat facial rednesswitch hazel is kiiiind of life changing!

a few of my favorite headstones‘specimens’, ‘seldom seen slim’, and of course, Lilly E Gray who was a ‘victim of the beast 666’

how to clean up hair dye messes because no matter how neat you are it’s basically a fact you’re gonna get hair dye somewhere it shouldn’t be!

2017 bulletin board/wire memo board DIY saved myself over $100 on this DIY. Literally so simple I couldn’t write a tutorial!

10 things making me smile – just ten photos of the kitty with the world’s biggest personality!

At the end of every year I go a little recap post crazy. I really enjoy browsing my archives, it makes me appreciate my blog so much more. It’s fun to look back and see all the fun things I’ve done, all the awesome photos I’ve taken, and what a great year it actually was. Above are a few of my favorite posts from 2017, these are the more informative posts, as opposed to personal or daily life posts. (That list will be up first thing next week!)

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