2018 bulletin board

Since 2012 I’ve been sharing photos of my bulletin board here on the blog at the beginning of each year. Along with making a whole heap of goals, taking everything off my bulletin board and starting over is one of my little rituals to help start the year off right. A fresh start is always fun!

This post also includes a few random pictures from around my office because surprise, surprise I rearranged again. I know that I’ve never been great at sharing full room views since I tend to concentrate on details more than anything so it’s kind of hard to picture what’s so different about this room since the last time I shared photos of it. But trust me, it’s different and it’s wonderful!

A couple days into 2018 I got the itch to start scooting furniture and ended up switching which wall my desk was on. Out of the four other places I’ve had my desk in this tiny room in the last year, this is the one that makes the most sense. It stops the sunshine from attacking my face every single day around noon (I hated having to close the blinds to be able to see my computer!) It gives me the largest wall to display plants, my shelf of favorite things, and large prints. Perhaps best of all, with my desk placed against the shortest wall in the room, I feel like I have a cozy little nook to work in. I’ll probably end up moving my desk another handful of times before moving out of this apartment but for now, this set up feels spectaular!

I’m a firm believer that it’s super important to cultivate a space that makes you happy and this certainly does just that. Anyway, I think a 2018 bulletin board refresh paired with rearranged furniture definitely calls for photos!

sources –

cat print / moon print / give me coffee or give me death / face planters / instax photo albums / ‘total babe’ lapel pin / tooth print by Brendan Megannety / snake phone print / most every thing else has been picked up secondhand but feel free to ask, just in case!

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cat doorknocker, a family heirloom.
haha! no, but it was on the bathroom door when I was a kid and my dad gave it to me when I bought my first home. Looking forward to being a homeowner again and proudly displaying this stupid thing on the door.

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