what I’ve been wearing pt. 2

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Back again today with another ‘what I’ve been wearing’ round up! I’ve begun making more of an effort to get dressed on days I work from home in the hope that it helps me be and feel more productive. So far, so good! Here’s what I’ve been wearing…

dress / shoes

This dress is one of my FAVORITE recent finds. I’m a huge fan of how it fits, and I’m realizing how much I loooove when dresses have a sheer overlay. Reminds me a lot of this dress. I seriously cannot wait to be able to wear this bad boy outside without a coat or tights. Nothing beats a dress that doesn’t need any other accessories to look amazing!

shirt / skirt / shoes

Another easy to wear outfit – this top + skirt. I can’t wait to wear this with just a pair of sandals!

shirt / overalls / socks (similar)

 I liked the shirt featured in the outfit previous to this one so much that I went on a hunt for similar things and ended up with this one. I hit the jackpot! Under $15, a bunch of different colors available, and it’s absolutely perfect for wearing under overalls – something my shirts do a lot of! Definitely going to need to pick up a black one.

dainty squid, kaylah doolan, green hair, ootd, pattern clashing

cardigan / shirt / skirt  (similar) / shoes

Pattern clashing LIKE A BOSS! I bought this shirt thinking it’d look cute with a pair of jeans. When I tried that on though it just didn’t feel like me. Paired with a polka dot skirt and a (mostly) solid colored cardigan it’s perfect. Super stoked about this outfit! Not super stoked about those roots though. Eeek! It was one of those times when it took seeing them in photos to realize just how grown out they were. Remedied that reeeeal quick after noticing. Wish my hair would just grow in green! 

the dainty squid, kaylah doolan, cleveland fashion blog

shirt / jeans

This outfit reminds me of New Orleans since I had just purchased this shirt right before visiting there last year. I fell in love with this outfit and was so excited to wear it while on vacation. It’s simple but it’s very comfortable (seriously, these jeans are like jammies!) and always takes me right back to that awesome trip. I love when an outfit holds memories.


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  • Every time you post a pic of how cute you look in overalls I want some!!! I don’t think they’ll look as good on me but I’m stoked to try!!
    Also, is it just me or has it been ages since you’ve posted what you’ve been reading?!

    Love from Colorado!!

  • You are too adorable! I always love seeing your what I wore posts, they never fail to inspire me! You are glowing lately and I’m so happy you’re so happy ⭐️