rad valentine’s day card round up!

by Kaylah Stroup

1. Hey Boo! // 2. I’m so lucky I found you // 3. The only way I could love you more... // 4. Outlaw for your love // 5. You’re my gal // 6. I only have eyes for you // 7. Dum dum dog // 8. You’re quite the catch // 9. You’re my favorite part // 10. When I look at you… // 11. You’re swan in a million // 12. Flavortown // 13. You mean a great dill to me // 14. Love you many moons // 15. Bananas for you // 16. Where you go, I go // 17. You’re my everything bagel // 18. I’m stuck on you

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up fast and today, February 7th, is ‘send a card to a friend day’. I don’t know about you but I really love all the silly little holidays that have become oh so popular these last few years. I’m all about finding any reason to celebrate. Today I’m celebrating by rounding up 18 rad cards by rad artists (and finally replying to some long overdue mail!)

PS. If you’re still looking for a gift – 9 wonderfully weird gifts for your valentine!

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